Chapter 63

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Suman's POV.




"Shravan. Shravan. SHRAVAN!"


I directed my attention from chanting the name of most infuriating man in the universe to the one who was making these weird noises- Pushkar!

"Pushkar, don't you dare laugh!" I warned him.

He shook his head "mphh-" and gave me a 'thumbs up.'

Silly brother of a sillier man!

"Shravan!" I continued feeling more pissed by the minute.

"Suman he is ignoring you." Danny stated the obvious and earned himself a glare. He grinned at my expression and I glared harder.

"Fine. I will also ignore him." I declared and slumped down on the couch.

How can he- how dare he ignore me? That too just because I had been trying to make him say where we are going today.

I agree bolting the bathroom door from outside when he was inside or holding his hand when he was trying to eat might have been slightly extreme, but then one has to take drastic measures in such situations!

I love surprises but I don't like having to wait for them!

The man in question got up from where he was sitting on the other side of the couch and approached closer and I tried my best to ignore him.

If only he did not look so good today, it would have been easier.

And that height. One cannot even steal glances without upturning the neck and getting caught in the process!

"Let's go." Announced the incorrigible man and I turned my face away.

I am not getting up. Certainly not!

I steeled myself on my resolve when he leaned towards me. Oh the cologne- No Sumo! You are ignoring him!

I fisted my palms together so that he cannot hold them. I almost gaped at him when he picked up a cushion from beside me and patted it back to position and straightened up and walked towards the door.

Why the tease!

I caught Danny's grin and frowned at him. Right, I am being ignored.

I looked at Pushkar and he was busy giving loving glances to the packet of food in his hand. Silly fellow!

Grudgingly I got up on my own. Only because I want to see Europe I told myself firmly.

Once we were out of the suite almost immediately I felt an arm go around my waist and I turned to glare at the owner of the arm only to find I was still being ignored.

Okay fine. Let the arm stay. It feels good- No! I am letting him hold me because I don't want to get lost. It certainly does not feel good.

He guided me effectively out of the hotel and even held the door of the hired car open for me. "Will you  stop being so nice and sweet while you are ignoring me?" I snapped at him and he chuckled.

I narrowed my eyes at him as he sat down beside me. Pushkar sat next to him on the other side while Danny sat in the passenger seat next to the driver and we were off- to God knows where!


My heart danced in anticipation as we entered the railway station. One look at the silver and blue, sleek bullet train made me turn and hug the man who once again had his hand around my waist.

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