I'm here I'm here

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Jades POV
"not jasmine, don't touch her don't touch her."
Grief took over me. My vision clouded. My body fell limp onto the floor. I heard nothing over my wretched sobs. I couldn't speak it's like my breathing just stopped. I realized everything i had cause everything that i made happen. My mind had went no where black clouds emptiness. I just shut down. I saw nothing I felt light as air. The only thing I saw was a light. On one side was the most comforting light a soft glow in the back of my mind. I started to slowly and gradually made my way towards it. I was suddenly cut off by a shriek of heartfelt pain and sorrow. From a voice all too familiar. I stopped dead in my tracks realizing something. I was still in the cave, my mind, I was just imagining it all. But somehow i couldn't get back. The screams grew louder and soon turned into sobs as my lifeless body lays before My sister jasmine. I was stunned I I wasn't dead but I wasn't alive I had no idea what to do. I tried breaking free of this prison banging screaming anything. But nothing worked I sank into the abyss. I saw nothing felt nothing and heard nothing just emptiness. nothing could pull me from this trance noting I was just gone but alive but dead. No warmth could come to my body I felt cold nothingness just nothing

Jasmines POV
"JADE!" I yelled with sorrow, happiness, and compassion mixed in my voice. I lunged my self into her pulling her into a tight embrace. I didn't believe it. How could she be here? How'd she get away? My head was swimming with questions but all I cared about was her being here with me right now. I grabbed her tighter not ever wanting to let go again "Jade I promise I won't ever leave you again" I blubbered to her

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