The following day after Regina got of work she headed back to her apartment where Michael, Harry, and Felicia were waiting to depart together, the four of them piled into Felicia's car and drove through shortcuts to avoid the heavy 5:00 traffic.

"Where are you taking us?" Regina asked.

"He usually hangs out here." Felicia responded.

"He?" Regina retorted.

"Don't worry you'll see in a second." Felicia reassured.

After a few more shortcuts around the city the four of them ended up at a old subway station, it was abandoned and trashy, Regina wondered who would hang out here where anything can happen with no recognition.

"Okay we're here now who are we supposed to meet?" Regina asked as she scoped out the subway.

"Leave it to me." Felicia responded as she stopped in her tracks.

"Who's bad?!" Felicia called out.

"I said who's bad!" Felicia called again as it echoed through the subway.

"Are you trying to get us killed?" Regina interjected as she grabbed Felicia's arm.

"Relax I got this." Felicia replied.

"Who's bad?!" Felicia vocalized.

"Who's bad?" A few voices chimed in.

"Who's bad?" More voices chimed in growing louder.

"I said who's bad?" Felicia repsonded smiling.

"Who's bad?" A lead voice vocalized as several guys crept out of their hiding places and walked towards the group.

"Ohhh ohh!" The leade voiced called out.

"Ohhh ohhh ohh!" Felicia vocally replied.

Suddenly a person dropped from above and landed firmly on their feet, the gang of guys advanced behind the person who rose from the ground, a man dressed in all black outfit with multipe buckles faced the group as well as his gang, he slowly smirked and walked over to Felicia who smiled back.

"Hey girl long time no see." The man greeted as he pulled Felicia into a tight hug.

"Usually you'll be here in three calls." Felicia replied as she hugged him. "Anyway I need a favor." Felicia added.

"What's favor, and who are your friends?" The man asked.

"This is my friend Regina." Felicia introduced.

"And this is Michael and Harry." Felicia continued. "And guys this is Nero one of my friends from college." Felicia concluded.

"Nice to meet you all, anyway what's this favor you want me to do." Nero asked turing back to Felicia.

"Well Michael's in a little predicament with Mr. Big and we need to spy on his thugs to get some information about his whereabouts." Felicia explained.

"Mr. Big, he's back?" Nero questioned.

"Yeah, he just got out now we got some lead on some private party he's holding in abandoned warehouse." Michael replied.

"Do you know where the warehouse is? A gang member asked.

"It's on 46th Street pass the old steel mill." Regina replied.

"Well we have our lead and you'll get your results as soon as we find something of good use." Nero accepted.

"Thanks." Felicia responded.

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