Part 31*

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Aditya takes her hand in order to put the ring on her finger. He is about to slide the ring through when he sees a ring already on the figure.

Sumo: (in her mind) SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! I forgot to take Shravan's ring off!! And Aditya saw it! I am so dead!!!!!

Shravan & Pushkar's POV behind the trees.

Shravan: (scared) OH SHIT!!! I put the ring back on Sumo yesterday!! Oh god!!!!! Now what????

Pushkar: (frustrated and scared) Bhaiya are you crazy!!!! You should have left it off until our mission was over!!!!

Shravan: DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! Now what?!!?! (extremely worried)

Pushkar: (not knowing what to do) What do you mean now what?! Aditya already saw the ring!!!! We are screwed Bhaiya and the police aren't even here!!


Pushkar: Bhaiya calm down!! I called them already!! (patting his shoulder to get him to relax)

Shravan: Then why aren't they here yet Pushkar?!!! You had one job!!! ONE JOB!! (irritated)

Pushkar: And I did it Bhaiya!! It's not my fault they are late!! I called them in the morning and before we left!! They must have had some other emergency. (wondering why the police weren't here yet)

Shravan: Now what!!?! How will Sumo handle this?!! I have to go and do this myself!! (starting to walk)

Pushkar:(stopping him) Don't worry Bhaiya!! I'm sure she will think of something. Just wait a little longer.

Shravan: I am not waiting!!!!!! And neither am I risking her!! (not agreeing)

Pushkar: Bhaiya what are you saying?! Catching Aditya is very important! If we lose him today then we will lose him forever! (trying to make him understand)

Shravan: I don't care!!! I need to catch Aditya and get rid for him, but I will not do it at the cost of Sumo! You know what happened last time!! I won't let it happen again! I won't let him destroy our life one more time!!!

Pushkar: Bhaiya relax, I'm calling the police.......(calls the police).........Bhaiya they are almost here. Don't worry.

Back to Suman and Aditya.

Aditya: Suman? You are still wearing Shravan's ring?! (shocked)

Sumo: (stuttering)

Aditya: (angry and confused) YOU TOLD ME YOU BROKE THE ENGAGEMNET?!!!

Sumo: I did Aditya! Believe me!! (pleading)

Aditya: THEN WHY IS THIS RING ON YOUR FIGURE!!!???? (holding onto her hand)

Sumo: I ........haven't.........given it back........ to him..........yet........ (scared)

Aditya: WRONG!! Yesterday, you threw the ring at his face! What was that all about?!

Sumo: (smirking) How do you know that?!

Aditya: It doesn't matter!!! (angry) What matters is why the hell you are still wearing this ring?!

Sumo:(enraged) It matters to me Aditya!!! (shouting) How do you know I threw this ring at Shravan's face!??? (narrowing her eyes)

Aditya: I said I don't care!!! WHY ARE YOU WEARING HIS RING????

Sumo: (laughing) But I care!!! And let me tell YOU how you know that I threw this ring on Shravan............... You were keeping an eye on me right?!!! Because you didn't trust me!! (snatching her hand away from his grasp)

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