Part 29*

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Sumo: (confused) Where is Pushkar and Preeti anyways??

Preeti: (entering with a tray of Chai) right here Di!

Ramnath: Pushkar beta, I am impressed with the way you are talking care of Preeti!

Pushkar: Bade Papa! (Pouting)

Nirmala: Stop teasing my Pushkar! And there is nothing wrong with taking care of your wife in this condition!

Preeti: (blushing) Badi Ma, Pushkar has been troubling me more than taking care.

Nirmala: Haww! Pushkar, don't you dare trouble my Preeti! And I must say, the youngest of the family turned out to be the first to make us grand parents!

Ramnath: Now I can't wait till I hear this news from Suman.

Sumo: (blushing) Papa!

Nirmala: Oh my Suman, I haven't seen you blush before! But whatever Ram said is not wrong either! I can't wait to hear this news from you and Shravan.

Shravan and Sumo look at each other and blush.

Preeti: Don't worry Bade Papa, I'm sure that Shravan won't make you wait too long. (Winking)

Sumo: Preeti!!! Shut up!! (Blushing)

Pushkar: Anyways Bhaiya, what did you need my help with??

Shravan: Pushkar, I was thinking why not have a destination wedding??

Pushkar: (excited) Destination wedding!!!!! Omg Bhaiya that is an amazing idea!! Anyways you know how much Mumma loves that idea!

Preeti: I love it too!! Di!!! I'm so excited!!

Sumo: Me too!

Ramnath: So Pushkar, you and Shravan will be planning everything out. And if you meed any help then I am here for you guys!!

Nirmala: And the ladies will take care of all the shopping!!!

Preeti: (excited) Yes! Don't worry Di, you planned my wedding so now it's my turn to plan yours!!

Sumo: Thank you my pretty Preeti, but you need rest in this condition!

Nirmala: Yes Preeti, you need full on rest! It will not be good for the baby.

Ramnath: Ok Suman beta I think we should get going. Shravan, thank you! Thank you for giving me a chance to fix all of my mistakes! I hope that I can be the father you deserve to have.

Shravan: I hope so too Papa. And Ma, where are you going to be staying?

Nirmala: I am stay at your home, but I think that I will have to return to Mumbai soon........ Shravan I know that you and Aditya have problems, but I cannot leave him alone like that. You are my son and I love you a lot, but I love him too. (Getting emotional)

Shravan: Ma, are you going to leave me again??(Sadness in his eyes)

Nirmala: (with sorrow) No Beta, I will not leave you again, but I can't leave Aditya either. And until you guys don't sort out your problems I can't do much. Why don't you talk to him and------

Shravan: (irritated) Ma I will talk to him whenever I feel ready. And I don't promise anything------

Sumo: (cutting him off) Ma, we will figure that out. But I have one request for you. If you consider my a daughter then please do me one favor.

Nirmala: Suman Beta, what are you say!? I have considered you a daughter ever since you were a little girl.

Sumo: Then please Ma, don't tell Aditya that you are over here and that me and Shravan are getting married.

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