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[I listened to Far Too Young To Die by Panic! At The Disco when writing this. I love it so much!]

It was a tiring day in college today. Test after test had worn your brain out. You decided to head to the bar to help lift your spirits. You walked there because it was only a block away from your apartment. On your walk, you felt as if you were being watched. You looked around, but no one was there. You shrugged your shoulders and continued walking.

A few hours later, you stumbled out onto the sidewalk. It had to be like 3 a.m. You stumbled around trying to catch your footing. You leaned your arms up against a pole. "Man, this pole feels strangely warm," you thought to yourself as you looked up. Your vision slightly blurred, but you saw a tall, pale man with green hair and dark eyes. He smiled a wide smile towards you as he steadied you with his strong grip on your arms.

"Whoa there, lass. You almost fell!"

"Yeah, I guess I did," you slurred your words.

"Man, you are quite drunk!"

"Man, you are quite cute," you said as you tapped his nose.

He smiled and put a cloth over your mouth and nose. You tried to struggle away, but he was much stronger than you and whatever was on the cloth made you very drowsy. You looked into his dark eyes. Where his eyes would normally be white, they were just pitch black. His left eye was a surging green color. His face was the last thing you saw as you blacked out.


You woke up to be blinded by florescent lights above your head. You head was in so much pain. You attempted to sit up, but were held back by restraints that bound your wrists down. You looked around to see you were tied to a metal bed. You looked down and saw that your clothes and shoes were still in tact.

"At least he didn't do anything," you thought as you tried to think of ways to escape.

You wriggled your arms around in the restraints, almost slipping one out. You were interrupted by the door being opened and your kidnapper walking towards you. You stared at him as he walked up to you. He was soon next to the bed. He caressed your face. "Good morning, beautiful. Had a nice sleep? You're going to need it for today." He let out a laugh that chilled you to the bone. He walked over to a table. "These are my 'playthings'. You are going to be my little kitty. I'm going to play with you so much. It'll be so much fun! Well, maybe not for you, but for me!" He let out a chuckle that sounded... glitchy? But that's impossible, if he's human, his eyes say otherwise, then he can't just glitch, can he?

"Why yes, I can glitch." Damn, he can read minds. "Yes, I can." Stop it! "Nope."

You rolled your eyes and looked away as he went through his "playthings". Tears filled your eyes as you thought that you would never see your family and friends again. You composed yourself because you didn't want to give him the satisfaction of him getting to you. He hummed a sickening tune while he picked out his weapon. You decided you should play along in this scheme.

"So, you know my name, but I don't know yours."

"It's Anti. Antisepticeye. And you better get used to it, you'll be screaming it in a few moments."

You gulped at the thought of what would happen. Suddenly, Anti hopped over to where you were. No, he glitched. He just glitched across the room. You tried to wrap your mind around it, but to no use. Anti cowered over you with a butcher knife.

"I love knives! Knives are my favorite!" He said as he got closer to your face. When he talked, you noticed fangs in his mouth. He pressed the knife against your cheek. It was just enough to bleed and probably leave a scar. You flinched a little, but held in all your tears. You were not about to give him that satisfaction. He noticed this.

"Why don't you just break for Anti? It'll make this a hell of a lot easier."

You shook your head no. He just chuckled his evil chuckle and pulled a smaller knife out from his pocket. He grabbed your hand and held it down.

"This should be fun," he said darkly.

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