Welcome back

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Paws pounded the ground in a fast angry rhythm giving only seconds notice to Willows arrival. Skidding to a halt, teeth bared and growling a threat, she shifted.

"Where are they?!"

"Welcome back-" I'm cut off by a hand wrapping around my throat.


"Inside." Pushing me back slightly she holds her glare strong, "Show me."

Walking ahead I carefully open the door to the pack house, I'm met with the laughter and shrieks of the children along with deep laughter and playful sound effects of Phil. I can't help the smirk that crawls up, perfect. Willow, rushes past me to where the three are rolling on the floor.

"What's going on here?"

Both girls jump up and run over, latching themselves onto her legs.

"Willow! We've missed you!" She lets out a choked sob wrapping the two in her loving embrace, "I thought I'd lost you." Her broken whisper makes me slightly guilty for staging all this but I know once it's over she'll thank me, well maybe not thank me but she'll be happy I did it. Okay she won't be happy but she'll understand why I did it, well she might not understand but she won't want to rip me to shreds. I hope.

Phil clears his throat, causing Willow to look up, somewhat startled. As if momentarily forgetting they were not alone. I watch as their eyes meet, to them the world no doubt seems to have come to a standstill. It's evident as their whole demeanor changes,

"Mate." Completely in sync with one another the slowly walk forward into a warm embrace.

Waving my arms slightly to the girls I pull them from the room letting them have their moment. It was romantic in more ways then one; I could see it being a great scene in a romantic movie. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in a movie, to continually repeat an epic love story without ever realizing you'd been through it all before, what would that feel like?

Sadly real life is nothing like the movies, and true loves is rarely found, I should know. The girls skip ahead giggling, I'm going to miss them. Or will I? After all since Phil is Willows mate, she could join the Burning Embers. Yet somehow I doubt she will, just a feeling I have that the four will be leaving me sooner then I'd like.

"Mama Llama, does this mean we're going home soon?"

"I don't know Laughy Taffy, maybe."

"Will you come with us when we do?"

"I can't I'm an Alpha remember? I have responsibilities here."

"But I'll miss you I don't want to have to leave you!"

"Now Taffy just because you're going to leave doesn't mean we'll never visit each other, and I promise you can call me anytime you want to as long as Willow says it okay. Now why don't you take your sister and go play with some of the other pups, huh?"

Sighing she takes Bella's hand before making her way to the back yard where the others are playing. As I'm making my way into my office my desk phone begins to ring

"Burning Embers, Alpha Embers, speaking."

"Hello, rogue. This is Alpha Narre. I'm returning your rather questionable call."

"Ah yes. Well, mutt, I really don't see what's questionable about it, I've told you what I want and what you are to do."

"The very idea that I a true Alpha would pay you a mere human, tribute is preposterous! I don't need your protection, nor do I want it, girl!"

Finally he's fur is beginning to stand up.

"On the contrary, pup. I think you do need my protection. In case you haven't noticed my pack is much larger then yours. The way I see it I can either be fighting for you or against you, and let me assure you, you do not want to fight me. You'd lose before you'd even begun."

"Oh yeah?! You think you can take me?! Well you can try but you'll be the one to lose, in the true Alpha!"

"Name the time and place. I'll be there."

"What are you taking about?"

"You have just challenged me to a fight, and I've excepted. Name the time and the place, then get ready to leave this earth."

The line goes quiet for a full two minutes before he finally clears his throat,

"Next full moon, at midnight. Don't be late."

"Oh I won't, mutt. Don't worry."

With that the line went dead, hanging up I dialed Ashton's number and waited for him to pick up.


"Next full moon, at midnight."


"Next full moon, at midnight, is when I fight Alpha Narre. You better keep your promise."

"I will, don't worry."

"You better, because by the light of the silvery moon, if you don't I'll haunt you forever."

"That's assuming you're going to lose, which you won't."

"I wish I shared in your confidence."

"Don't worry so much, Jen, You'll be fine."

Sighing I can't help but doubt that I got lucky when it came to Dust. He was drunker then a skunk on moonshine, but Narre wouldn't be drunk. He's going to be trying his hardest to kill me in the most painful way he can think of.

What have I gotten my self into?!

I can't fight an Alpha werewolf, at least not again?!

"Stop it Jennifer. Stop it right now!"


"I know what you thinking and you need to stop, think of the battles you've fought in with your pack, did you ever doubt yourself then? No, because you knew your pack needed you. Well now the Moon River pack needs you, they need you to help them regain there true Alpha."

"So does this mean you believe Willow's story?"

"Unfortunately, yes. He succumbed to the temptation of fighting you much to quickly to be of true Alpha blood."

Well at least now we know my instincts aren't all wrong.


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