Night Lover

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I was laying back on my bed with Clark and Superman still on the brain. Superman had looked damn sexy when we were talking about Clark and Joker. He had sounded so jealous when we were talking about Joker.  Superman never showed any emotion other than self righteousness. It was annoying but also turned me on.

The door suddenly opened and Robin walked in with a huge smile.  I pulled the covers to cover my naked body because I knew just what he wanted. He had been here for two days and hadn't fucked me so at this moment I knew that was exactly what he needed.

"Hey, Batman," he whispered.  My body got hot from the way his husky voice said  my name. I hated the fact that he had this control over my body, and even worst thing was that he knew he had it too. The smile on his face made me want to grab him and let him fuck me, but I had Clark to think of. I wanted him more than I had ever wanted Robin. Robin had been my first love but Clark had been love at first sight. It had taken Robin years to get me out of my upgraded closet and then once I was out he left me feeling ashamed of myself. 

I felt the bed dip in and then his hand landed on my naked chest. "Don't, Robin." He smiled and straddled my lap not caring about my pleas. His lips found that sensitive part of my neck and my whole body went up in flames. 

"Let me," he urged. I let him guide me back down so I laid on the bed flat. He opened my legs to make room for his muscular body and then slid underneath the covers with me, taking his boxers off before hand. His skin hit mine and I got flashes of all of the delicious little times we had ever been together. In the shower, on the bed, on the floor, in the Batcave, in the Batmobile, in the yard, and in every room in the mansion. We were insatiable when it came to each other. I always craved him and he always craved me, but in the now, I didn't want to. I wanted to crave my sweet little, Clark Kent.

His mouth found that spot on my neck again and he bit it while circling his hips on top of mine, causing a beautiful friction between us. I moaned, taking my nails down his back with a sexual urgency inside of me. I needed him. I needed him now. 

"Robin, go down," I urged him. He smiled against my neck and then began his journey down my body. He began to refamiliarize himself with my hard lines that made my body into the sculpted beauty it was. His tongue traced every little one and he kissed my scars and he touched me in just the right places, sending delicious currents through me. 

"Ahhhhhh," I groaned as he took the tip of my erection into his sweet mouth. I felt my shoulders tense as he licked up both sides and then the base, driving me crazy. He had always been like that, however. Always drawing things out until I begged for him. It was one of his good attributes. 

"Beg for me baby," he said and then ran his tongue up my base again. "Beg." His hands began to move up and down my erection slowly. The sweet friction of his calloused hand sliding up and down my erection had me going crazy with lust. I tried not to thrash or show him how much he was effecting me, but I couldn't help it. I shoved my fingers into his hair and pushed him all the way down until he had me at the back of his throat. 

"Nightwing, swallow!" I said and that had him laughing around my throbbing erection. He started to move faster, driving me crazy with the way he flicked his tongue on the tip and the way he grazed his teeth up it. My body was so close to a release but Robin didn't want that yet. He climbed up my body and let his own sink down into mine. 

He claimed my mouth with a furious need and my body lit up like the forth of July. His hand wrapped around my throat and squeezed with just enough pressure. I marveled in the feeling as he kissed me deeper and pushed up against my entrance. I had always been into rough sex. It had all started when Superman had beaten the crap out of me. I came home and ran to Nightwing and slammed him against the kitchen table. After that, we never really liked it gentle. 

He pulled his mouth away from mine. I bit his neck as he licked his fingers and then pushed them inside of me, readying myself from him. I groaned and pushed against his hands. I bit harder on his neck until he was begging for me to bite him everywhere. I smiled and then moaned as he thrust inside of me instead of just inching in. He fisted my hair and then claimed my mouth as he pulled out and then thrusted back in. 

"Robin!" I yelled as he thrusted in harder. His hand went to my thigh and his nails dug into me as he thrusted harder making my head board slap against the wall. I bit his lip hard and then tasted his blood in my mouth, enhancing every little emotion. 

"Fuck! Fuck! Yeah," he hissed in my ear as his sweat mixed with my own. "Baby, I missed you so much." He suddenly pulled out and threw me on my stomach. I propped myself up as he licked up my spine and then latched his teeth onto my shoulder as he thrusted into me hard. 

"Robin!" I hissed. He sucked on the back of my neck and I felt my release coming fast. 

"God, i missed you." I nodded, knowing my voice would be a mess as he pounded into me. "Say my name." 

"Robin," I moaned. He greabbed my throat hard. 


My release hit hard. "Nightwing!" 

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