Chapter 37~ For Jashin's Sake...

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Suzume's POV

   Hidan backed up by some trees, giving myself the opportunity to escape from against the wall. "Why Lord Jashin is the best mother*cking god to ever exist!" He exclaimed. "I don't look like it, but I'm very religious," He kissed his necklace.

   Keeping my distance, I withdrew some of my chakra-laced wind, and it swirled around me.

   "HOLD THE HELL UP!!!" He shouted. "Dear Jashin, a guy can pray, can't he?" He held his necklace close, and briefly closed his eyes. Once he opened them, he took out a triple-spiked red scythe and ran towards me.

   That must have been the weapon he knocked me out with!

   When he swung it at me, I forced my palm out, sending a wave of compressed air out to push the weapon out of his hand. At least, it WOULD have fallen out of his hand if it wasn't attached to a cord up his sleeve.

   "Stop wasting my time!" He said. "I have jinchuuriki to find!"

   I suppressed a laugh. Only if he knew...

   He grabbed the cord of his scythe and swung it at me. I willed the air to take the shape of my hand and slap it away. "Talk to the hand cause you ain't got a man!" I laughed. "You're dumber than you look, if that's possible," I said with a grin.

   Hidan grunted, then ran closer to me. "Don't diss me, b*tch!!!" He screamed. He furiously swung the weapon at me, and I deflected each hit.

   "Don't you get it?" I blew him back with a gust of green wind. "The more surface area that scythe of yours has, the more drag it has, and the easier it is to block." See? I don't need Shukaku to do everything for me.

   Who's a weakling now?

   Just kill the idiot already!

   Hey there, baby cakes. I'm not the one who's locked up. I do what I want.

   "Jashin is so pissed off!!!" Hidan complained. "Just bleed already, for Jashin's sake! I have a ritual to do."

   Blood! That can be my way out of here. Gaara can track me when I'm injured. "I have better things to do with my time," I said, before backing up a few yards, and climbing a near by tree. Jumping from branch to branch to evade Hidan's strikes, I bit my thumb, letting scarlet red trickle down my hand.

   I leaped off the branch, landing on the ground with a thump. Within seconds, sand swirled behind me, and Gaara appeared. Sand grabbed my hands and lead me over to him.

   "WHAT THE HELL???" Hidan yelled, approaching us.

   "We'll talk later," He said to me, before he held onto my wrist. We disappeared in a whirl of sand.


   We reappeared at the roof of the house back in Suna. Once we sat down of the ledge, my brother turned to me. "Alright. Talk."

   I explained what happened, and he had a look of concern, staring out into the horizon, the sun now setting. "They were rogues, from the look of it. Both had black cloaks with red clouds, and a village symbol slashed out on their headband," I pointed to mine, which was tied to my arm.

   "I'm not sure who they are, but I'm glad you're alright," He said. "The mission was easy. A theif. No reinforcements. Pretty pathetic, to be honest."

   I couldn't help smiling. "Easy for YOU to say."

   "Oh yeah," Gaara. "You have another mission. You've been chosen to deliver a note to the Hokage."

   "The hokage?" I asked. "But the only one in the village who would speak with the hokage would be..."

   "Father," We said in unison.

   "I guess you'll find out what he wants tomorrow," Gaara concluded, and we spent the rest of the night gazing at the stars.




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