Chapter Twenty-Nine: Another Murder

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"What do you plan on doing?" Emma asked sipping on her coffee, she had come to Billy's to have lunch with Gabriela and she was pleased to see that her friend was turning her life around instead of moping around.

Daniel's death had been hard for the both of them and Gabriela didn't need to waste her life mourning him; he would have wanted her to be happy in some way.

It was hard to believe that he was truly gone and Emma missed her brother, she just couldn't believe that this was happening to them; she cursed the vampire that had slaughtered her brother.

"I'm getting a job at the health centre... they need the staff since most of the tribe still won't go to Forks Hospital," Gabriela replied pleased with herself, she had no idea how long she was going to be stuck here and she wasn't going to just live off Billy while she was here.

It wasn't fair on him and she wanted to give back to the community that she came from and those who were currently protecting her from a vampire.

The pack were short on people that knew about them and in the case of needing medical treatment there was no one that could treat them; it had been Carlisle Cullen who used to do that but that was when Jacob had been dating Nessie.

That was no longer an option since the treaty was back in force and the Cullens were too busy fussing over a sulking Nessie and her new mate; it was like they had forgotten their former allies and friends.

"That's a good idea. I am sure that Sue could use some help," Emma agreed smiling, it was something that she had considered herself and she had started to look for schools nearby that might need her.

She couldn't see herself returning to California now that she had Embry in her life; she doubted her mother would be happy with that news.

Sue Clearwater was a nurse at the health centre and was doing her best to handle things there since they were short staffed; she was always hoping that they would be able to get another nurse or two in.

Gabriela nodded her head, she had spoken to Sue about the idea and the older woman had been very positive about having Gabriela do so; she just needed to hand in her notice at the hospital that she had worked at.

Saying goodbye to her life in San Diego wasn't going to be easy and the move wouldn't be good news for her mother who was under the impression that this was just a short vacation after what had happened to Daniel.

Connie was happy in California and she had never been fond of the small-town life that she'd had in La Push; she hated how everyone knew one another and their business.

The sound of Emma's phone ringing stopped their talk and Emma groaned when she saw who it was; she wasn't looking forward to this and she dreaded to think just what would happen.

"Sorry. It's my mother... I better take this," Emma apologised before getting to her feet and leaving the room, her mother was furious that they had both returned to La Push and she was convinced that Gabriela had been cheating on Daniel with Jacob.

Nothing that Emma seemed to say would convince her otherwise and it was clear that she was telling anyone that would listen that was what was going on; it worried Emma just what else her mother might be saying.

Gabriela nibbled at her sandwich, she doubted that she would want to return to San Diego with Diana spreading rumours about her and determined to ruin her reputation as a nurse.

She didn't have to wait long before Emma returned and her friend looked a little pale at whatever her mother had told her.

"Do you remember Cassandra O'Brian?" Emma asked quietly as she sat down again, she felt a little ill and she had no idea how she was going to break this to her friend; she couldn't imagine what Gabriela would feel.

It had made her own stomach turn when Diana had told her and Emma couldn't believe that this was happening; there was just no way to guess what would happen next.

Gabriela furrowed her brow, she set down her sandwich guessing that she wasn't going to like this; she feared just what Emma might have to say.

"The paralegal at Daniel's firm?" Gabriela recalled softly, she had seen her a couple of times when she had been visiting Daniel at work and the woman always seemed to avoid her when she came into the office.

Gabriela remembered one day that Cassandra had nearly jumped out of an elevator to get away from her when she had come to visit lunch one day.

The last time that Gabriela vaguely remembered seeing Cassandra was at Daniel's funeral, she had been near the back and had looked devastated at the death of her co-worker.

"She's just been found murdered... the same way that Daniel was," Emma whispered feeling her stomach turn, she couldn't believe this and she wondered what the vampire was going to do next.

Gabriela's stomach dropped at the news and images of finding Daniel dead flashed through her mind before she could stop herself.

She felt sick and she wondered just why the vampire had chosen to kill Cassandra when the pack had noticed the scent around La Push several times since Gabriela had returned.

There was silence and neither woman spoke for a moment as they allowed the news to settle between them; neither knew what to say but they would have to deal with this now.

"They found pictures of Daniel and Cassandra..." Emma said trending carefully, she couldn't imagine how this was going to feel to Gabriela and she cursed her brother for leaving such a mess behind.

Gabriela stared at her as she realised what Emma was saying, anger filled her at how Daniel had treated her when he had thought she was cheating with Jacob when he was the guilty party in all of this.

"I can't believe this," Gabriela said shaking her head, she had never thought that this was how things would work out for them; she had spent months planning her wedding and the day that she would become Mrs Gabriela Garcia.

Now that all seemed like such a dream, one that became so disillusioned with every step that Gabriela now took; she had never thought that this would happen to them.

Emma was silent while she allowed Gabriela to digest the news and she couldn't imagine how she was feeling right now; it made her want to strangle her brother.

He had ruined a good thing with Gabriela because he had accused her of cheating and now it seemed that he had done so because he was the guilty party in all of this.

Closing her eyes, Gabriela took a deep breath as she vowed to herself that she wasn't going to let anything ruin her life now; she wanted to focus on rebuilding her life here in La Push.

A fresh start was clearly needed now and she was sure that Diana was going to stop her hate campaign since there would be no hiding the fact that Daniel had cheated on Gabriela.

"Let's talk about something else," Gabriela insisted not wanting to dwell on this, she wasn't going to allow the past to drag her down when she was very carefully starting to think of the future.

The vampire wasn't going to stop her living her life and Gabriela doubted that they would risk getting caught by shape-shifters to come and kill her.

The last thing Gabriela wanted to be was a liability and she was determined to do something for the tribe; La Push was her home now and there was nothing left for her in San Diego.

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