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Group created by Veronica (10:36 pm)

Veronica : Hey Guys, its Vee.

Archie : Hey xx

Betty : Hey everyone:))

Veronica : It's just 4 people in this chat, Betts. Speaking of, where's Jughead?
(Seen at 10:40)

Veronica: This group chat is SO dead lol. Lemme add some more people.

Betty : More people? Like who?

*Veronica added Cheryl and Kevin.*

Cheryl : Hey losers. How's Riverdale's Sad Breakfast club doing?

Archie: Nice to talk to you too, Cheryl.

Kevin: Hey Guys.

Cheryl : Oh look, its the clichè gay best friend no one wants to see :))

Kevin: Says the outdated cheerleader. Is cheerleading still a thing?

Cheryl : Is being the gay best friend still a thing? Grow up, Keller.

Betty : Hey Guys.

Veronica : It's been ten minutes and there's drama already.

Archie: lol xD

Betty : Oh hey Arch :)

Jughead : How did I end up in this chat?????

Betty: Jug! Hi!

Veronica :I was bored so I made this chat lol. The cupcakes I ordered from New York still haven't arrived ugh smh kms.

Cheryl : See you later, losers . Me and Jason are going on a boat trip tomorrow, like we do on every fourth of July.  I gotta pack. Cant keep up with your boring asses anyway xx

Kevin : Did we ask?

Betty : Everyones ignoring me.

Betty : Guys?

Betty : Hello?

Betty : smh
(Seen at 11:10 pm)

Archie : lol

Hey Guys. This'll be my new Riverdale book. I'm SO excited cause I love Riverdale so much.
I'll be adding Josie, Reggie etc later too!


The more votes this gets the faster I'll update.
Love yall ♡

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