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Mini smut⚠️

You sat in a compartment with Hermione next to you and Clare and Penelope across from you with Grace in the floor in front of you. "Do you want to talk abou-" "No." You cut her off. Your arms were crossed and you just stared out the window blank faced.

I hate being mad at Draco. And the way he was helping undress me last night. Like god I want him so bad. These thoughts filled your mind quickly. You noticed the tingling sensation in your downstairs thinking of his hot body in only his boxers. "I'll be right back." You said quickly standing and exiting the cart. You stormed down the halls looking for Draco. You finally found him and he was staring out he window just as you had been.

You slid open the door angrily and Draco's eyes immediately shot to you as did Crabbe and Goyles who sat across from him. Draco stood and his mouth gaped an he looked as if he could cry. "Crabbe, Goyle, please leave us." You asked quietly. They both stood leaving the cart and you entered shutting the door behind you then drawing your wand and turning to the door.

"Silencio, Salvia Hexia, Collorptus" To said casting a room silencing spell, a door locking spell, then a spell that prevents anyone to see into the room. "What are you-" "shut up." You interrupted stepping up to him and pushing him against the wall clashing your lips together.

Your lips clashed angrily as you made out.  His hands slid around your waist holding you tight against him and your arms on his chest holding him to the wall. He broke the kiss for a breath. "(Y/N) what is this?" "Call it what yo want now shut o and kiss me." You commanded kissing him again as he groaned into the kiss.

You grabbed onto his shoulder pushing him into the seat then straddling him and reconnecting the kiss. He gripped your ass and you moaned in pleasure then biting his bottom lip before pulling away. You stood then straightened your skirt. "We both know I can't stay mad at you." You smirked and he smirked back looking you up and down.

You then straightened your face bending over and grabbing his shirt in your hand and pulling him up by it. "But if you ever, touch, my twin brother again, I won't just stay mad at you, I'll kill you Draco Malfoy," his face turned surprised and he studied your face hoping for a slight sign of a joke.

"And that a promise." You finished letting go of his shirt allowing him to stand up straight and look down at you. "Now save me a seat I'll be right back." You smirked pecking his lips then leaving and taking away the spells from the cart. "Damn." Draco murmured after you left.

You marched down the halls till you found Harry's compartment. He was sitting staring blankly at the floor across from Ron, and now Hermione who sat next to Ron as well. "Please leave for a second guys." You said nicely. Harry looked to you quickly and Ron and Hermione scurried out. You entered the room and closed the door behind you as Harry stood to face you.

"(Y/N)-" you wrapped your arms around his neck quickly hugging him tightly and he hugged back. "Please don't ever scare me like that again." You whimpered out holding back tears. He started rubbing your back. "Ahh hey it's okay I'm okay." He said. You stood back then straighten up. You gave him a quick and light hit to the gut so he stumbled back with a small groan then chuckled.

"What the hell?" He chuckled again holding his stomach. "Harry James Potter if you so much as even try to hit Draco again I'll make sure that you'll be Dudleys personal punching bag for a month straight." You hissed. He nodded with a smile. "I'm sorry, but he called you h-" "I heard what he called me, but I can stop him when he needs to be, that's not your place." He nodded. "I'll see you at school." You smiled and walked out and back to the compartment with your friends.

"Go find Blaise and swoon over him girls I'll catch up with you at school." You smirked and they giggled rubbing out to find him as you went back and sat with Draco, Crabbe and Goyle for the rest of the ride.

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