Chapter Seventeen

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"Alpha A." Mutters everyone that I pass with a bow of the head.

I nod back and continue walking to the section where the few of my men are getting treated for their minor injuries.

"I don't need fucking medication, Doc! I need to pound the sucker in the ground!" I hear a scream before something clashes against the wall.

My poor doctors. Always putting up with so much shit. 

I cautiously open the door and immediately put my hands on my hips. Everyone in the wing casts their gazes where I stand and automatically becomes quiet. Deadly quiet.

"Sally, you're refusing to take the meds Doc has prescribed to you?" I ask, taking a step forward.

"I don't need the meds, Alpha. I feel perfectly fine." Sally complains, putting a vase down next to her.

"I see that since you threw what seemed to be a vase." I reply. 

Sally remains quiet, avoiding eye contact by looking to the floor. 

"If Doc feels as though he needs to prescribe something to you, I suggest that you take it without a complaint. Doc knows what he's doing and I've put my life in his hands on more than one occasion. I trust him with my life and everyone else's life's in this pack. He's never been wrong when it comes to medical." I continue, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder.

Sally meekly nods and sits down on the bed. Taking the pill followed by a glass of water that Doc was trying to give to her only seconds before.

"Now, that wasn't to hard now was it?" I ask. Sally shakes her head no before laying down.

"Well now, Alpha, this is a very pleasant surprise to some. I knew that you would end up coming, I am sure the whole damn pack knew once you heard about the attack." Doc muses.

"I didn't have a choice now did I?" 

"No. Shall we talk outside for a minute? I assume that you want to talk to all of them. I want to discuss some things with you before however." Doc questions.

"Lead the way, Doc. Alex, you're with me." I dead pan before following Doc out the door.

"They are all fine, really. I'll be discharging them by the end of this week. I am sure that I could discharge them all by noon tomorrow. But I want to make sure that everything is healing up nicely and to make sure there's nothing else wrong. Most of their injuries were minor bleeding internally. That's what I am checking for. I also keeping them here for recovery and bed rest, since I know that they won't do that once they get discharged." Doc explains.

"Once again, Doc, you're a life savior. I have no idea what this pack would do without you. I am not exactly sure what I would do without you." I say while I give him a short hug.

"I am not sure either and quite honesty, I don't think I want to find out. But you can go in and stay until visiting hours before they need their rest." Doc replies. I nod once before walking back into the room, Alex behind me, not making a single sound. 

"Listen up, I want you all to do exactly what Doc tells you all to do. No ifs, and, buts, or's about it. That's an order. I've put my life into is hands and hope that you all will able to do the same. I am beyond grateful that the injuries that you received weren't to serious and were considered minor, for being internal bleeding. Whether Danny forced, ordered, or you simply chose to come see Doc, I am grateful that you came. I am sorry that I wasn't here for the attack. But I can promise you all that you and everyone in this pack will get answers to the sudden attack." I say as I walk from one end to the hall and then back.

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