Chapter 23

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Previously: "I'll take you to Hijikata-san and Kondou-san."

Ryonosuke stood before Saito as Rin held the indigo haired man's hand to lead him inside.

"Where are they?" Saito asked Rin. Ryonosuke was the one who answered: "I think they're probably inside." Rin caught Ryonosuke's eyes flitting to Saito's weapons, and she guessed exactly what was on his mind.

"Yes, his katanas are on the right~" Rin said cheerfully.

"Could you inform them of my arrival?" Saito asked the bluenette.

"Uh, what's your name?"

"Saito Hajime"

"Hajime-kuuun. I'm already taking you to them," Rin huffed with annoyance.

"Well, then lead the way," Saito concluded as a childish grin formed on Rin's face.


"Saito?! If it isn't Saito!" Hijikata exclaimed upon seeing the man before him. His calligraphy brush was poised above a paper and Rin only hoped he wasn't working on another one of his haikus. To put it bluntly...Hijikata's haikus was pathetic.

"It has been a long time, Hijikata-san," Saito said with a soft smile on his face as he straightened up from his bow.

"Jeez, it's been forever! I was worried when you suddenly stopped coming to the dojo," Hijikata said as he placed a hand upon Saito's shoulder.

"We were all worried. Do you know I searched for you day and night for weeks?" Rin said, crossing her arms as she pouted with annoyance.

"That was...I offer my humblest apologies for causing you concern," Saito said to the both of them.

"There's no need to stand on ceremonies! I swear you haven't changed..."

Rin let out a soft laugh. "Hajime-kun will always be Hajime -kun~" she said with a smirk. An unusual bubble of happiness formed in her as she studied Saito. Rin hadn't realized how much she missed him until now. Sure she had moments where she'd recall him and miss him deeply, but she hadn't realized the true depth of her emotions.

"Well, come on in!" Hijikata said, stepping aside as Saito took permission and entered the room.

"But seriously, I'm amazed you found me here!"

"I had heard you were involved with the Roshigumi."

Rin  smiled at the sight before her; Hijikata's smile was usually rare to come by. He was either always worried or angry or yelling at her, Souji and the baka trio.

"I think we should let them be for now," Rin whispered to Ryonosuke as she walked off, leaving Hijikata and Saito to catch up. 

Rin started humming to herself as she let the feeling of happiness anchor in her. Just as she turned the corner, her smile widened.

"You'll never guess who came~" she said happily to Souji, her eyes twinkling.

He quirked an eyebrow up at her with confusion as Rin pointed in the direction of Hijikata's room and followed Souji to study his reaction. He walked towards the room and paused at Hijikata's voice. With every passing second, Rin's grin widened.

"I thought it was unusual to hear Hijikata-san sound so excited," Souji said with a grin. "If it isn't Hajime-kun~"

"Souji!" Saito called out.

The loud commotion seemed to drag in the baka trio as well as Sanosuke appeared at the door. "Now there's a face I haven't seen in a while!" he said as he walked in.

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