Chapter One

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Selena's P.O.V.

"Shut up Demi. God, your gonna wake up my parents." I whispered to her.

"Well hurry the fuck up then! We've climbed this shit millions of times, whats taking you so long?" Demi whined.

We were climbing back into my bedroom, by window. If we went through the door my parents would catch us.

"Fucking shit! My window is locked. Why the fuck is it locked?"

"Your mom or dad must have locked it... Oh my god! That means they know we sneaked out?! We have to move to Mexico now!" Demi panicked.

"Demi shut up. Just be quiet, your drunk." I rolled my eyes.

I jumped down from my window and onto my yard ground.

"Let's just go in through the front door.. but we have to be so quiet, that not even the ants could hear us." I whispered unlocked my front door ans walked slowly and quietly inside.

"Ants can hear?!" Demi echoed in the house.

"God Demi! Shut the hell up. Hurry up too." I groaned and walked into my living room.

A lamp light turned on near the family couche, showing off a shadow sitting on it.

Me and Demi screamed assuming the worst, like a robber & rappist.

"Girls! Stop screaming, its just me." my mom stood up from the couch.

"Oh mom.. you scared us." I took a deep relieved breath.

"Where were you girls?" my mom questioned with a cold look.

"Getting..-uh a.. shoe..-from outside." Demi studdered.

Worst liar on earth, I sighed.

"You guy's snuck out to a party didn't you?! It's 4 AM!" my mom yelled.

"No.. what? We told you we went to get the sweater Demi dropped out the window."

"At 4 PM? Dressed up in party clothes? Did ya fall in a pond of beer too? Because ya reek of it!" my mom sighed frustrated.

"Yes..?" I whispered unsure.

I heard light snores come from Demi.

What the hell?!

I looked at her & she had her eyes closed shut.

"God she's already sleeping. You know what just take her upstairs, we'll talk about this in the morning." my mom sighed.


I dragged Demi upstaire & into my room.

I dropped her on the floor near my bed.


Justin's P.O.V.

I sat on the cold floor, on the edge of my bed & placed my hands together & my head down.

"Jesus Christ my God, I adore You and I thank You for all the graces You have given me this day. I offer You my sleep and all the moments of this night, and I implore You to keep me safe from sin. To this end I place myself in Your sacred side and under the mantle of Our Lady, my Mother. Let Your holy angels surround me and keep me in peace;and let Your blessing be upon me. Amen.", I whispered, then kissed my gold god beaded bracelet.

"Good night sweetie.", my mother Pattie walked in & kissed my forehead.

"Good night mother.", I smiled sweetly.

She smiled back at me then walked out of my bedroom, closing my door.

I closed my eyes, trying to get some sleep even though I didn't fell tired whatsoever.

*buzz buzz* my phone vibrated on my drawer.

I opened my eye's & sighed at the light that beamed from my phone.

I had a new text message, from Ryan.

I rolled my eyes knowing he would just rub in how awesome the party he went tonight was.


Ryan: Hey bro

Justin: What's up?

R: Beer, weed, & pussy is whats up! & I got lots of it tonight ;)

J: Beer & weed are bad for you

R: Pussy ain't & thats what I enjoyed the most today ;)

J: You savage

R: Your just a jealous virgin

J: I'm a virgin but I ain't jealous of you, sorry to disappoint you

R: You should of came by. The hot babe Selena Gomez was totally wasted & ready to fuck.

J: That's so unlady like & unclassy.

R: Dude stfu you know you want her

J: gtg gnight

I put my phone back onto my drawer & sighed deeply.


Selena's P.O.V.

I forced my eyes open & instantly regreted it when I felt a massive head ache.

"Uuugh", I groaned & threw my blanket over my head & cuddled into it.

Oh so warm & no light.

"Selena?", Demi whispered.

"What do you want?", I mumbled under the cover.

"Why am I on the floor?"

"You were way to heavy to pick up."

"Selena! So you just let me sleep on the floor?"

"Pretty much."

"Wow.. I feel the fucking love. My head is pounding.. what happened last night?", she groaned.

"My head hurts, stop talking."

"Selena why do I have a hickey?!", she jumped onto my bed.


"Joe..? Joe who?"

"Fuck Demi let me sleep please! Joe fucking Jonas!", I yelled through the blanket.

"Oh my fucking shit... I have a hickey from Joe Jonas..", she whispered.

"Yeah now go tell the world & leave me alone. Bye I love you."

"I already tried.. your door is locked."

"Then open it Sherlock Homes.", I dryly laughed.

"Sel, your parents locked it from outside. I'm to hung over to climb out your window.", she sighed.

"They did not?!?!", I jumped out of bed & ran toward my door.

I tried to open it but it was hopeless.

"They locked us in like we're animals!!!", I yelled very loud, in hopes that maybe my parents heard.

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