Chapter 5

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Frisk's voice choked and her body trembled in pain. Flowey's vines were wrapped around her throat, choking her while his thorns stabbed into her body. Tears poured down her cheeks. She tried to call out for help, but each time she tried to get a single noise out besides a choke, they tightened.

She coughed. "F-F-Fl-o-w-eey...s-s-" Another cough and a gasp of pain.

"SHUT. UP FRISK." He said through gritted teeth. His thorns slit against her skin causing another choked whimper/scream to come out. Blood leaked from each and every cut, but they were small so she wouldn't bleed out. He couldn't have her die just yet, now could he?


Meanwhile Sans was racing through the snow, desperately looking around for his little baby bones, Frisk. He called out for her, but got no replies. She just...vanished.

"Kid, where are you?"

"Aww, still looking for her?" Chara asked making Sans turn with a gasp. His eye turned blue and blue smoke drifted from it.

"Chara." He hissed. "What did you do to her?"

"It doesn't matter!" She spat. "All that matters is that she will die and i will replace her!" She continued her insane laughter. "I'll get what she has, what I WANT!"

Sans knew what it was. He made a bone wave appear and launched it at her. She was too fast for him though and dodged every attack, even slashing some in half like they were just twigs. He teleported away from her each time she got close to him which caused her to grow frustrated very quickly.

"Stop running, you coward and let me KILL YOU!"

"Not a chance."

"If you kill me, then i'll kill Frisk and she'll have no choice but to reset anyway! The process will continue! I'LL KILL YOU ONE WAY OR THE NEXT, WITH OR WITHOUT HER!!"

The two resumed fighting. No one was planning to die any time soon.

Frisk felt her soul starting to crack. She was dying. Chara didn't think it would affect her, but deep down, their souls were still connected. Halfway through, Chara collapsed, coughing up blood and didn't know how to explain this.

"N-No! NO!" She screamed.

Sans made his bone attack appear, lining them all up, side by side as they hovered in the air, waiting for his cue for destruction.

"I thought i told you time after time again that you were only in for a bad time?"

Without any thought, Sans killed her. They stabbed through her body, impaling her. Frisk screamed in pain, feeling it as well. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she fell forward onto the ground, dead. Her HP was drained. Flowey's vines untangled from her mangled body. Her soul wasn't even damaged that badly. He was stumped on how he killed her so easily, but then he thought back to Chara. Of course!

Once Chara was dead, Sans walked away. The ruins. That's where they were. It had to be. It was the only place she could have been. And to his surprise, she was there, but dead, unable to reset.


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