Who Can I Trust?

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Previously on "The Voices Inside My Head,"

"Ma'am, are you okay? You are bleeding. I want to help you. Please...let me help you."
The voice stated frantically. The voice had come closer. I looked down at my sister, she was still bleeding badly. I looked down at my red hands, then at my sister. What is he going to think?

It is exactly what you think Austria ...


Now on The Voices Inside My Head...

He'll think that I hurt Jesslene. That I did it on purpose. I didn't do it. At least...I think I didn't.
I can hear the man coming closer. My heart beats faster as panic sets in. What can I do now?

"RUN! Why should I listen to you? When your the one that almost got me and my sister killed!" I Screeched. The foot steps stopped abruptly. You should listen because I am your voce, your protettore! Your voice, and your protector.

"Uh, miss...oh my god, what the hell happened! Wmwe need to get you guys to the hospital." A male voice urged. I turned around to see a young man pulling a phone out of his pocket.
"Do not call the authorities! They won't help us, not..." Don't say it! "People like us, we do need a place to stay. We're on the run. Plus, we can heal pretty fast." I said while trying to pick up my sister without hurting her.

To be continued...

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