Chapter 13 - Hungover days & remembering reputations

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I woke up dying of thirst, still in my clothes from last night, and half covered by Jace's pajama clad body. My head pounded as I tried to wiggle out from under him, finally giving up and collapsing back on the bed in a hungover mess.

"Nghrhrr," Jace grumbled. I laughed weakly at the inhuman noise and poked his stomach, seeing if I could wake him further. "Don't fucking touch me," He groaned with a muffled voice.

"Why are you in my bed?"

"Alice and Aaron are in mine," He mumbled l, finally opening one eye to perk up at me. "Go back to sleep.

"It's too hot with you in here."

"It's too early to be flattered, Norah."

"Jace, will you just remove your legs from mine so I can sleep?" I sighed. He let out another strange noise and untangled his legs, scooting to the furthest edge of the bed. I tried once again to get out from the bed and once again failed miserably.

I snuggled up against Jace as I tried to fall back asleep. "Didn't you just say I was too hot?" He snapped.

"Yes, but I want to cuddle," I explained. He smiled with his eyes still shut and shifted to where our bodies were slotted together and both were comfortable. "Are you going to make breakfast?"

"It's like 8 in the morning and I'm hungover. What do you think?"

"I think that I'm going to heat left over Chinese. Do you want some?"

He gave me a slight nod in response as I finally managed to slip out of bed. The hallway was dark and I could hear loud snores coming from Jace's room, presumably where Aaron was still in a deep sleep.

I made coffee while I heated up the Chinese food, then headed back to my small room with a tray consisting of two steaming mugs and two bowls full of chicken fried rice. A well balanced breakfast, if I do say so myself.

Setting the tray on the edge of the bed, I finally managed to change out of my clothes from last night and sip into an oversized t-shirt. Then I brushed out my tangled mess I call my hair and crawled back into my welcoming bed, where Jace was now leaning against the headboard clasping one of the mugs in his small hands.

I scooter up beside him and grabbed a bowl of fried rice, clicking on my TV while I was at it. "I'm so hungover," I complained.

"Yeah, when you left Harry was basically carrying you. What happened when you got back?"

"He is such a drama," I protested. "I wasn't that drunk!"

Jace raised an eyebrow at me as if to say he didn't believe me. And he was right not to. I was hammered. I had even initiated a kiss with Harry Styles, the scariest and most beautiful man alive. The young CEO started to fill my brain as I half-watched a rerun of America's Next Top Model.

"Are you going to answer my question?" Jace asked with a tone of annoyance.

"Oh yeah," I shrugged, coming back to the real world. "He bright me home, and then we made out. And then I was really drunk and he put to me bed. He said he'll see me soon."

"He totally likes you!"

"I don't know. He's like half the time. I think it's more of he just wants to fuck me."

"And you should let him."

"Jace!" I groaned, setting the now empty bowl on the night stand with a frown. "I'm not going to do that. I'm trying to play hard to get here."

"Oh, obviously. I can tell from that giant love bite on your neck," He snickered.

"It's hard to play hard to get around him. Especially because he knows he's so sexy. And so adorable at the same time. It's like, he has the piercing green eyes that could cut you like a knife and then these dimples that melt your heart. It's very contradictory. And frustrating."

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