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My Teenage Werewolf Pregnancy

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Mate-less, pregnant, & 16 years old. This is not how I had pictured my life.

My name is Bliss Eva Ol'Bell. My family are all werewolves, and yes we do have mates. My mate happens to be the Beta of our pack. Trayton Vaycour.

Let's get straight to the point. He's an ass and a cheater. Yes he cheated on me.

How many times? I don't want to know.

With how many people? I don't want to know.

How long has he been cheating? I don't give a damn anymore.

when did I catch him? While I was on my way to tell him I was 3 months pregnant.

That ladies&gents is how it all took place.

That is the reason why I am pregnant, mate-less, and 16 years old.

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