Chapter 2

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A/N: I don't know if people are feeling this one yet, but oh well, I need to get out of this funk.

“Hermione,” he voiced softly, his hands sliding down the length of her arms. She was practically vibrating from nerves and he wanted to calm her down. “We don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with. I'll even leave if you want?”

Her breath hitched and she strained to look up into his eyes. “Don't go,” she pleaded, burrowing her face in his chest.

Severus knew that tone and exactly what Hermione needed. He scooped her into his arms and he walked to her bedroom. Her weight was inconsequential to arms used to lifting heavy cauldrons. He laid her onto the bed, removing her heels and his own dress shoes before laying down beside her. As predicted, she curled into him like a scared child and he pressed his first kiss on her brow. His strong arms wrapped securely around her waist and her fingers fisted his shirt.

But the longer he held her, the more those fingers slowly relaxed. She leaned up and peppered kisses along his jaw, looking him in the eye before planting a soft kiss on his mouth. “Thank you,” she murmured, returning to rest her head on his chest.

“No need to thank me,” Severus replied, squeezing her waist and kissing her forehead again. “Sleep dear. We can talk more in the morning.”


Severus left a bottle of hangover cure on her nightstand after he untangled himself from her embrace. She didn't have much food in the larder or the ice box, but she did have enough for tea with toast and jam. He was just pouring her a steaming cup when she tiptoed in. She changed the red dress for a slinky white robe that barely skimmed her mid thigh. Plus the front gasped and revealed a healthy bosom trapped in black lace. “I was hoping you didn't leave,” Hermione shyly admitted. Her brassy curls hid her face, but he could tell she was blushing.

He averted his gaze, it'd really been a long time since he bedded a woman. Seeing Hermione so scantily clad was far too tempting. He cleared his throat, “Tea?” he offered. Her smile rewarded him as did the sweet kiss to his lips. She took the cup, their fingers brushing.

This was the extent to Severus's preparation. He had no idea what to do beyond this. He'd mostly had one night stands and very few had stayed for tea. Plus he and Hermione hadn't even had sex. Luckily, she seemed ignorant of his discomfort and she sat her cup down in order to put her arms around his waist. “Should we perhaps talk about…..whatever this is?” she questioned, one hand drawing unknown patterns on his chest. “Severus, I may not be emotionally ready for another relationship, but…..I don't wanna lose you…”

He drew her hand to his mouth and pressed a kiss to the back of it. Severus knew what she meant. There was something developing between the two of them. The raven haired wizard dragged his lips across her wrist and Hermione sighed, “I suppose we could always start off as friends. There's still quite a bit we don't know about one another.”

She bit her lip, and stepped back, slowly undoing the tie on her robe. The flat plane of her stomach was now visible along with her barely there knickers. Severus felt his mouth go dry. “Just friends?” she repeated coyly, hands on her hips. It was a daring move, but something about her former professor seemed worth it.

In a flash Severus pulled her back, crushing her to his tall frame as his lips captured hers fiercely. She moaned, hands  reaching for his shirt and wrenching it open. His chest was surprisingly muscled and his abs…..Merlin she wanted to lick them and she did. He hissed and pulled her back up to kiss her and she wrapped her legs about his waist eagerly. He sat her on the counter, both of them forsaking breath in favor of continuing to snog.

He was sucking on her neck, biting the soft flesh until it glowed bright red. As soon as he was finished, Hermione's lips were upon his again.

Finally, they had to part for air, both panting, their foreheads pressed against each other's. “I suppose we could be a little bit more than friends,” Severus smirked. A fire had been lit between them and he never thought he'd ever be in a situation like this with such a beautiful woman. He'd go along with whatever she wanted as long as it meant being with her.

“What if…..what if we help each other out?” Hermione whispered, knots forming in her stomach as she was about suggest something that has been toying in her head.

Severus tilted his head sensing that this would be something serious. “How exactly do you plan to help me Hermione?” he asked, stroking his thumb over her cheek.

“Let me have your baby.”

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