Chapter 26

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"Why are you always coming here?" I asked Jin as he stood outside my door. He only smile and shrugged.

"I wanted to see you. I have to go over to your company. So I decided to just come pick you up."

"No. I'm not going with you. I can get myself there fine."

"I didn't say you have a choice." He pushes his way in like he usually does. I don't understand anything he was doing anymore. "We'll, don't just stand there. Go and get ready you're pretty much late already Miss. CEO."

"Yeah right." I scoff confidently, he only smirk as he pointed to the clock on the wall. I panic inside but I had to play it cool so Jin wouldn't know. "Give me 10 minutes."


"Good morning." Jisoo happily greeted me. I greeted her back before I made my way to my office.

"Here's your file for today. Don't worry I made excuses for you already." She wink at me as I nodded.

"Thank you. I don't know what I was thinking. I've been having to much on my mind and it's making me super crazy."

"We all have our bad days once in whole."

She left the room as I watched as she went back to her desk. She was a sweet and polite girl. You loved everything about her if you had to admit. She was mature and understanding. The way she carried herself was very professional and clean.

After working for a while you notice Jisoo talking to someone. That someone of course was Jin. She hit his arms over and over a she would take strands of her hair and mess it up. She would pout and he would just laugh. Jin lift his attention towards you as he caught eye contact with you. You look away hoping he wouldn't know.

"Sowon?" Jin said as he open my door. "Let's go get lunch."

"No why don't you go with Jisoo."

"Because she said she's busy." He said.

"No I'm not going. Not with you." I refuse to go and have anything to do with Jin.

"Are you sure?" He said.

"Yes I'm sure."

"Okay then. I'll take you home today okay? And no isn't the answer I'm looking for. See you later." He didn't give me a chance to reply before leaving my office.

I looked out the room to see Taehyung smiling at her. He playfully touched her hair as she blushed. I can tell she was shy around Taehyung but not her own boyfriend? She only nodded and put her papers away as she got up. She held onto his arms as they left the building together.

Jin said she was busy so why was she leaving with Taehyung? Is she perhaps cheating on him with Taehyung? It didn't make any sense because wouldn't Jin know if she was cheating on him?

I'm thinking to much. I put the thought away and hope it wasn't nothing like I just thought about. Maybe she's just friend with Taehyung and wanted to grab lunch with him and Jin agreed.


Work went by faster than I imagine. I put everything away so I can find it easily tomorrow. I heard knocks as Jisoo open my door. "I'll be leaving. See you tomorrow." I only nodded as she bow to me. "Oh can you help me with one thing?"

"What is it?"

"Can you not tell Jin that I went out to eat with Taehyung. I don't want Jin to know." She awkwardly smile at me hoping I would understand.

"Uh sure."

"Thank you. I have to go. Taehyung is taking me home and I don't want Jin to see me with him. Bye Sowon I'll see you tomorrow." I nodded as she left my office. Why is Jisoo and Jin situation causing me so much headache?

I waited, as Jin said he was going to take me home. He only rolled down his window and smile at me. I rolled my eyes before getting inside of his car. I would steal glances here and there at him. His jawline and his face everything about him changed.

"Are your feelings coming back?" He turn to look at me as he playfully wink at me. "They're back sooner than I thought."

"No they're not coming back not now not ever."


"Can't you cook for me?" He asked as I was getting out of the car. "I'll leave after that. I promise."

"You promise?" He nodded as I welcome him into my house. He only sat at the sofa where he was comfortable at. I put my bag down as I made way to the kitchen to cook for him.

I felt two hand going around my waist. Jin Hughes me tightly as he play his head on my shoulder. "I missed you like crazy."

"What are you doing?" I pushed him off me as he let out a smile.

"I'll be leaving back to the states soon." He said somewhat hurt. The pain in his voice was there and you can hear it. "This time I won't be coming back no more."

My heart is being torn but I can't even do anything about it. He wasn't mine and I have no right to tell him what to do and what not to do. "What about Jisoo?" That was the only question I can ask.

"She likes it here so she'll be staying here."

"Why don't you take her with you?"

"I can't I have no control over her. It's just as if I asked you to go with me. Will you?"

"Of course I won't." It was obvious I wasn't going to go. I don't know why he asked such a obvious question.

"Then Jisoo is just like that. I want her to go but I have no rights over her."

He only force a smile as he walk back to the living room leaving me alone. He looked more sad today than any other day. It bother me but there wasn't I could do.

"It's nice to eat your cooking before I go." He said as he enjoy every spoon.

"Then eat a lot." He only nodded.

It wasn't long before he had to go. My chest became heavy and it suddenly hit me that Jin was leaving for the second time. He only smile at me as he cup my face. "I'll miss this face."

"Until next time." He said reaching his hand for me to shake. I brought myself to bring my hand to hold his. He only  tug on my arms causing me to fall into his embrace.

I tried pulling myself away but he only held onto me tighter. "Can't you just hug me properly before I leave." I gave up the fight as I put my arms around him. His embrace was still the warmest. "At least I got to say goodbye this time." He pull away as he touch my cheek.

"Goodbye Sowon." He was tugging on my heart string were tugging with every step he took. The words he said the way he acted. It was as if I was going to loose him again. He wasn't mine this time to loose so why do I....

Why do I want to stop him and make him stay with me forever?

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