A little Recap

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heeeey guys,

i know i havent written in like forever!! And i am so so so sorry!!! 

I went through major writers block, then i had sooo much homework and everything took over haha!

But now im back and i have written the whole next chapter but it has deleted so i now have to start again :/ 

but dont worry it wont be long because the holidays are coming up and i promise that i will write many chapters !! 

I can actually say that i am pretty excited!! 

Now for a little recap on whats been going on! 

So Katie has been taken again, and Dan has been out searching for her but he has decided to go home and begin searching again in the morning with a little more help.

Whereas Katie is with her kidnappers getting a little help herself. She is going to get helped as long as she helps her friend.

Lets think, some deals dont always work out do they? hahaa

Now i will shutup now haha and let you get back to your happy reading, but one last thing!! 

If you have any good ideas for the futureness of this story please comment!! and if you do like this story and do want me to continue pleaseee vote haha just so i know its worth continueing :)) 

Thankyouu guys!! love you all xoxox

And thanksyou to those few who have recently commented and told me to continue its what has inspired me to start again! xox <3

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