I knew I had to do something before it killed Potter, so I did what came natural to me.

Harry's POV

Oh no it's coming for me, why can't I move damn it!

My scar burns badly, I don't know why. It has been itchy ever since we went into the forest. I knew something was out there!

I braced myself ready to be attacked, but nothing happened? Suddenly a big black creature jumped in front of me, causing the figure to stumble back and fall on the ground.

It's the Strage!

It roared, really loudly, and snarled at the creature as it turned and ran away.

The Strage turned to look at the unicorn, carefully nudging it to see if it was alive. It's wings were folded on its back as if it was hiding something.

(Quick A/N: (F/N) means fake name 🖤)

It turned to me, making me look up to meet its eyes, by now I was standing.

"Are you alright" it's a girl, I can tell by its voice, and it's strangely familiar...

"Yes, what was that thing" it looked taken back but soon recomposed its self.

"A dark creature, but I'm not sure what" it spoke as if it had so much wisdom, I don't know why but I feel safe and comfortable around it.

"Why was it drinking unicorn blood?" I don't think it was a vampire.

"It is clearly something dying or loosing strength, drinking unicorns blood will help restore that for a little bit, but I comes with a price" I think it's Voldemort! Or Snape it's the only possible explanation.

"What's the price" I asked nervously, "to kill a unicorn is a sin it's self but to drink its blood is worse, who ever dies is doomed to live a cursed life, a half life, I can only imagine what sort of hell that would be"

I nodded showing that I understood but in reality it's still confusing.

"Harry/'arry" I heard three people shout my name.

Suddenly Ron, Hermione and Hagrid were emerging front the dark and looked up at the Strage in awe.

"It's the Strage!" Hermione and Ron say at the same time.

I know we are young but....I ship it.

" 'ello (F/N)" Hagrid said to her, "that thing has a name!" I heard Ron shout.

"Yes, it does, Mr Weasley" it sneered, clearly unamused of being called a thing.

"How do you know my name!?" He whimpered.

"Haha she knows everyone 'ere Ron, wait a minute where's-" Hagrid was cut off by '(F/N)'. "Malfoy?" She said calmly.

"You know Malfoy too?!" Ron asked clearly not hearing what Hagrid just told him.

Reader's POV

Ugh Weasley shut up!
"Yes" I removed my wings which were hiding Draco and keeping him warm from the cold forest.

"I could tell his was a Malfoy" I answered smugly, "how?" Granger asked me, what is it with this lot and there questions, I swear their curiosity will be the end of them.

"Platinum hair, girly scream, it sort of adds up" I smirk.

They all broke into smiles, and that's when discussed boy woke up.

"Where am I!?" He gripped onto my fur, clearly frightened.

"Calm down Malfoy we are leaving the forest now" Hagrid informed him.

"We are!" His mood completely changed, "well y'all 're, I've still got a job ta do" I knew he was going to look for the figure.

"(F/N) can you give them a lift back to the school?" Before I could answer-

"(F/N)? Who are you talking to you big oaf?" Malfoy sneered, causing me to hit him with my tail.

"Ow!" Hagrid laughed as well as the trio.

"That'll be her" Hagrid carefully picked up the trio and placed them on my back.

We said our goodbyes and then I started to sprint to the school.

"Couldn't we fly?" Harry asked. "I don't see why not" I slowly stretched out my wings and took off.

Flying high above the tress, Hogwarts soon came into view. It looked amazing in the dark.

====================A/N: Again sorry for the updates, they might start to slow down as I have like 50 days till my actual life changing exams!!! 😱😱😱

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A/N: Again sorry for the updates, they might start to slow down as I have like 50 days till my actual life changing exams!!! 😱😱😱

Anyways the Easter holidays are coming up soon so I will hopefully be able to update more then!

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