Chapter 25

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I woke up and headed to work. Jisoo was already outside my office waiting for me. She notice me as she smile gently towards me. "Jisoo, I need to talk to you." I open my door for her to walk on in.

"What is it?" She looked worried as she ask that question.

"Jin came to see yesterday. He didn't want you to work for me." She nodded in disappointment.

"I know, he doesn't, he thinks I'm bothering you and I shouldn't be near you. I promise I'm not like that." She sigh. "I'll make him understand. Jin understands people really well."

"I don't know don't you think it's a bad idea too?" I asked as she shake her head.

"No why would it be? You said you don't feel uncomfortable around me. Just wait I'll make sure to talk to Jin about it okay?" She bow to me before exiting my office.

I put the thought away as I began working. My phone ringed and Eunji asked me to meet her at our favorite restaurant. She wanted to get some lunch together also she had great news to tell me. I'll have time to breathe once I see Eunji. She was my best friend for so long and she understands me most.


I got to the shop and saw Eunji sitting there. "Eunji?" I instantly ran to her and hug her.

"Okay. I miss you too Sowon." She let out a chuckle before I let her go. "How's work going?"

"It's good. Just a lot of crazy going on. But what is it?" I said excitedly. I know it must be something good for her to want to meet me.

"Okay I know it might be a shock but I haven't told anyone yet." She said smiling. "You're the first person I thought of." She digs through her purse for something.

"What is it? It's not like your pregnant right?." I said and she shook her head yes. "No way you're lying!" I said and she handed me the ultrasound of the baby. "Oh my gosh my gosh oh my gosh! You are pregnant!!!!!!" I shouted hugging her.

"Shhh. You're to loud." She lightly hit my arm.

"How come you haven't told anyone yet? This is good I mean great news! It is great!" I smile staring at the picture over and over seeing Eunji's name printed on the picture.

"I told Mark I might be pregnant but he told me not to be so happy in case it's a false alarm like always. I always have irregular periods to so it makes everything much more confusing. It's been almost four months that I haven't been on it. I was nervous so I set up a doctor appointment. It turns out I am pregnant." She was overwhelmed with joy. I can see it on her face.

"How long are you now?"

"The doctor said I'm three month. They told me not to stress a lot because it's bad for the baby." She was full of smiles.

"I'm happy for you Eunji I really am. You really deserve everything good in this world."

"Thank you Sowon. Don't make me cry! I love you so much." I nodded as I hug her. "Oh right! Have you seen Jin? He was back in town."

"Yeah I can't miss him can I?" I said looking at her.

"What why what happened?" She said.

"He told me he was happy and moving on, then he said he still miss me? His girlfriend recently became my secretary. Now I don't know what is going on anymore."

"What girlfriend? He moved on." She asked. I nodded my head and her expression was was just like mine when I first saw Jin with Jisoo.


I sat down and heard a knock. "Come in." The door open revealing a smiling Jisoo.

"I talked to Jin, he let me work here. He made me promise I won't cause any trouble to you. I promise I won't."

"That's fine." I said. "I'm having a bit of a headache so I'll be going home. If it's okay with you can you help me file these papers?"

"Yes that's totally fine. It is my job to do that." She grab the pile of paper with no trouble at all. "Have a good rest and I'll see you tomorrow." She smile as she politely bow to me.


After resting for a while I heard the doorbell. I only walked to the door to see Jin. "What are you doing here?" I open the door as he smile at me.

"To visit you what else?"

"Jin you have to leave."

"Why?" He walk pass me letting himself into my house.

"Why? Why are you even asking that?" I pulled him by his shirt dragging him out the door.

"You won't be able to move me." He smile as he pull me into a hug.

"What are you doing?" I struggle to get free form his embrace. "You have to leave like right now!"

"Look, about Jisoo. I wanted to talk to you about her. You're misunderstanding the situation."

"I don't want to hear it."

"Why can't you listen to me? If you did I'm sure you won't be acting like this." I was only more confused by his statement. "I know you still have feelings for me."

"No I don't." I tried closing the door on him as he pushed from the other side. "Don't go assuming things. Never come here ever again."

"Sowon you have to listen to me."

"No Jin go away." He gave up as I push the door shut. I only let out a big disappointed sigh.


I took a walk to the park to clear my mind off Jin. I really didn't like having him in my mind all the time. I sat down enjoying the breeze running through my hair. I heard some laughs and open my eyes to see a girl.

A girl that look just like Jisoo. The funny thing was she was with Taehyung? Why would she be with Taehyung and not Jin? It didn't make any sense to me but I shouldn't concern myself in case they were just planning something out for Jin.

A girl like her would never leave Jin right? She seems in love and happy all the time with Jin. So I'm sure she won't leave or hurt Jin. Jin also shouldn't do the same to her. I hope their relationship will workout, I really do.

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