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Pen Your Pride

No one is virgin, Not even in Catholic School:

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Disclaimer: This chapter DOES NOT represent the views of Catholics and nor it is fair representation of the faith. This chapter is  purely for enterainment purpose only. Characters in this chapter are not in any way based on  any real people. Characters are fictional. 

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Lena Clay was the minister's daughter.  She had a reputation for being too perfect. She always smiled on the gloomiest day. She always reached out to help another even if convinced her. She had never received less than A on a report card. Most importantly, she never missed church or a charity event. Lena Clay was known for having a heart of gold. She embodied the role of the perfect student, the perfect daughter, and the perfect citizen. 

If people hated Lena Clay, it was because they could never measure to her. Most people aspired to be Lena. She was a role model to her fellow peers and community. The real truth was the lena was no different then anyone else.  And Lena was living a lie.  In the end, we all are living a lie.  If people looked closer, they would see that Lena Clay's smile was fake. Her smile never reached her eyes. She would never look people in the eyes for too long because she was afraid they would see the true see sadness her eyes.

 Lena hated her life and she always carried an enormous amount of a guilt on her shoulders. She could never tell her parents the truth. She hated being confined in such a small town. The town of Night Dale wasn't the easiest place to keep secrets. Everyone knew everyone.  

She hated that she lied every saturday to her mother and father. She said she spent nearly every saturday doing charity work but that was a lie. She spent every saturday at her boyfriend's apartment.

Lena had confided in me that they had sex on numerous occasions.  The news shocked me because I had always pictured the minister's daughter as virgin. She had even given speeches against pre-marrial sex.   Lena had admitted the speeches were just a distraction, a way to keep her parents from finding out the truth.

Lena was my best friend and I loved her more than I loved my own sister. We both had tried to live lives to please our parents. Only, I had failed. And, sweet Lena had succeed. There wasn't any

thing I didn't tell Lena. I had told her nearly every event of my life. But I didn't actually tell her about Ace or Aiden. The two  nights that I had spent with both men felt very private, almost sacred in a way. I thought that I would never seen them again, so I keep the memory close to my heart.  Nearly two months had passed and my real life carried on. But I had heard from Aiden or Ace. I had given up on the idea of every seeing them again.

"Lena, you have too  much blush." I said, dabbing her cheek. We just spent hours and hours in my bathroom, doing each other's makeup. We were going to a club out of town. The club was a few hours  away but Lena said it was worth the road trip.

"And your lipstick is smeared!" She claimed, giggling softly. She wiped the edges of my smeared red lipstick with her fingers. 

"We look hot." I commented. Lena twirled in her white dress that fit her body like a glove. Her blonde hair was curled to perfection. Not single stray was in sight. Her skin was glooming, ullimating under the light. 

"I can't wait to see sunny." She said. She could barely contain her bottled up excitement. Sunny was her boyfriend and he said he would met us at the club. I was looking forward to finally putting a face to her mysterious boyfriend. She had hidden him from for far too long. 

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