22 - A fancy dinner and a disastrous encounter.

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Finally Friday!

Is this suit really ok? Instead of black, I decided to dress a dark blue one. Did I make the wrong choice? Should I go change? How much time do I have?

None! James is parking in front of the building! Now he is climbing the stairs! I have to open the door!

"Hi." Says my new boyfriend with a bright smile on a delighted face." You look stunning!"

Nope, you are the tempting one. His black attire combined with the dark hair slightly combed to give it some order, and the vivid green eyes, compose the sexiest image I have ever seen.

For a moment we just stare into each other's faces feeling happy, nervous and awkward. My hands itch to touch him but hesitate not knowing how much they are allowed.

Breaking the silence James asks "Do you need to get something or are you ready?" - If I need something? Well, I... - Before we get out on the streets and are forced to keep the acceptable distance, I stand on my toes, hold the lapels of his jacket, and give him a kiss. My intention was for it to be a quick one but soon one of his hands circle my waist pressing us together while the other supports my neck; his tongue firmly demands entrance and dances with mine; my legs turn weak, my breathing shallow.

When our lips part to take in some necessary air - I think that my mind is turning blurry for more than one reason – James whispers in my ear "Do you still want to go?"

That is a good question. A part of me, especially the lower half, wouldn't mind staying but it is a date!

"Yes, let's have dinner." I respond with a not so convincing quivering voice.

He lets out a low laugh that sends tremors through my chest and abdomen that are still being supported by his then mumbles "Fine, we can start again later."

Yes, please.

Making an effort to strengthen my legs I untangle myself from his arms, give him a smart-ass grin and say "We don't want to be late so let's move." Since my wallet and keys are already in my pockets, I am ready.

Being the gentleman that he is after I lock the door James makes a playful reverence and gestures for me to go ahead. 'If you think this level of teasing is going to have an effect better re-evaluate your strategies, pal' is what comes to mind while I go down the stairs like royalty followed closely by him.

James unlocks his car with the beep of the alarm and we get in. The short travel is fun and a little sensual as we play around, tell jokes and flirt. James induces contradictories feelings on me. On one side it is so comfortable being with him. He makes me laugh and allows me to be myself. On the other, each moment, more and more, his presence makes my body uncomfortably crave for his.

After approximately 20 minutes that seemed like 5 we drive to the facade of the exact kind of restaurant I would choose; not overly pretentious but famous for the delicious food and superb service. I actually had contemplated the idea of coming before, but this is not a place to visit alone and Mark wasn't an option. Ugh, why did I have to remember him now?

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