the workshop

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First of all I made the front cover on a drawing app I'm getting pritty good at using it the picture above is not mine now enjoy the book

You walk into the building opening the heavy wooden door you click on your flashlight it's really dark you thought to yourself as you walked over to a desk. You looked down at all the papers and saw a cute little devil caricature you instantly took a liking to it picking up the little paper then putting it in your bag. you continue looking through the desk and find your grandfather's old sketchbook you put the devil caricature paper into the sketchbook and put it in your bag then continue down the hall and saw a cardboard cutout of the devil caricature you pat it on the head as you walk by and walk into what looked to be a brake room there was a series of different items lined up on pedestals and a big lever on the wall. You griped the lever and pushed it up turning on the power you then felt a tap on your shoulder and turned around to see your little devil friend but he was alot more human like then in the cartoon you thought to yourself he's kinda sexy.

Sorry for the short chapter it's an introduction so tell me if you want more ok

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