Chapter 1

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(David's POV)

It was Monday morning, the day we go back to school from summer break. Mine was alright, I didn't really do anything or go anywhere, but when I did it was for food or some something in that order, damnit, why am I so lonely? I need to find a girlfriend, oh well I guess, I'll find someone someday. I lay in my bed for like 4 more minutes, I have 10 minutes to get ready so I should be fine. My mother walks in and tells me to get my lazy ass up or I'm gonna be late, I don't see why she has to yell at me, like damn mom, I've got this so shh, I would never tell her that but that's what I think. Anyways, I let out a groan and then an okay, I slowly raise up and stretch to wake myself up more. Finally I get out of my warm, comfortable bed, and head to the closet to search for something to wear. I pick out some jeans and a long sleeved dark blue shirt, which is my favorite one, and then slipped them on. I decided to skip showering cause I'm lazy, and a fucking rebel, not really but that's what I like to think. I get to the bathroom an turned on the light, I take a long look at myself wondering how in the hell did I get here. I grab my comb and combed my very messy hair back to the same place it always is. I then grab my cologne and spray some on me, I have no idea what kind it is but it smells great. I get my deodorant an quickly put some on before I forget to, next is to brush my teeth, yayy. As I began to brush my teeth I pause  an look at my phone to check the time, oh shit, it's 7:09, greatt, I'm probably going to be late. I quickly run downstairs to eat some cereal, and see that my mom and dad has already left for work, they could have at least said bye, but no, they just left. Anyways, after I finished eating I got my keys and headed out for school, I can't wait to be there, not really but I'm trying to be excited about it. After about a 5 minute drive I was finally there. I pull in the parking lot, and turn off the car, I sat there for a minute to gather my thoughts and figure out what am I going to do? About my future I mean, I'm a senior so I need to start thinking about something now. I've never really decided what I wanted to do for a career, I never wanted to, it stresses me out way too much. I dread going in school, but it's just this year and I'm out, thank God. Ugh, I guess I have to get out now, well, here goes nothing.


Heller peoples, it took awhile to type this but I'm extremely excited about it. This is a fanfiction of my two friends, who are completely straight, but oh well, they can deal with it. XD Anyways I hope you enjoyed this, see ya the next chapter!! ❤

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