The Beginning Of It All

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Five years ago on September 27, 2009 my parents died from a drunk driving accident where the other motorist was under the influence and T-boned them at a 4 way intersection. Our car rolled over at least 4 times but by the third time my father’s skull had already been riddled with large shards of glass. My mother brutally shaken had been knocked out from the harsh trauma, I only got a head blow to the window and lacerations on my right arm. As the car flipped for the last time I immediately looked at my mother shedding a single tear then I attempted to smash my way out of my door, kicking furiously finally breaking free from the scraped death trap. Catching a waft of gasoline, I rushed to my mom’s door desperately trying to pull it open but that’s also when he touched my shoulder with his filthy hand. Turning around slightly, only to notice my panic turn to hatred, I felt a strange heat pour into my veins as i stood staring at this plastered fool. With blood shot eyes I flew into a frenzy launching at him, smashing my elbow into a feeble skull, my bones felt weird though almost like they were growing trying to burst through my skin. Before I could think more my anger blocked it out as I just kept ripping and thrashing, pounding his body with my bloody knuckles bouncing his spine off the concrete until the car burst into an inferno. Scorching my back and throwing me a few feet but held tight to that bastard, but that's all the swings i got in, a sharp tug from a burly uniformed man held me as I shook uncontrollably, screaming to the heavens with burning tears flowing down my cheeks. Shoving me into a car and carting me off to the slammer for interrogating, probably because I made sure I broke that foul piece of shit for shattering my family.

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