Part 1: Meeting again

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Y/N - your name
E/C - eye colour
F/C - favourite colour
S/F/C - second favourite colour
F/D - Favourite drink

I was had just finished making my tea/coffe/hot chocolate, when my phone rang. I looked to see who it was and it was my sister Aphmooooo, I answered it
"Hey Y/N! How are you?"
"I'm fine I guess, you?"
"Oh I'm Finneeeee! So umm what you up to? Everything okay in Australia?"
"Yea everything's fine over here. Also I'm not really doing anything..."
"Aph? Who's that----Zane! Shut up! I'm on da phone" she laughs "sorry about that Y/N that was ZANE being annoying, listen I got to go so I'll message you later. Okay? Ok bye!"
Well that was random. She usually has something to talk about. She's weird. I laugh to myself (who else does that?) well I best keep myself occupied. I drink my drink and wash it up, I go upstairs and put on :

(Ignore glasses) and put some food in my little backpack and started walking to the park locking my aunts door behind me

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(Ignore glasses) and put some food in my little backpack and started walking to the park locking my aunts door behind me. (A/N: you live with your aunt since you couldn't afford to get anywhere)
Zane's POV
"Aph, Who's that-" Before I could finish my sentence she cut me off. Hmph. She walked out the room and left me with the ponies. I got my phone and carried on reading a Wattpad story 'The Day Pinkie Cake Ate A CupCake' I love this story! It's so good (idk if this is an actual story) Then a notification came through, Garroth. Typical.
G- Hey baby brother
Z- Don't call me that
G- Okay, anyway did you hear that a new girl might be moving into the neighbourhood?
Z- No I'll ask Aph now, I have to go. Bye Garroth
G- Bye Zane! :)
Sometimes he really annoys me. "Aph?" "I'm here" she pops her head through the door. "I have to go now, give me my ponies tomorrow." "Okay bye Zane!" I left and walked home to watch my little horsies.
Travis' POV
I walk upstairs to where the guys were, they were all looking pretty serious. "Uhh what's with you guys? You seem... I don't know serious?" They laughed, "we're just messing with ya" Dante says. "Okaayyyy..." I say and I walk to the fridge getting a strawberry yoghurt and eat it. (Pretend you have already got here and your at the park plz, many thanks!) "Hey guys? Any of you want to come to the park with me?" They just look at me funny... "Okay then guess I'm going alone then bye!" I say closing the front door behind me and setting off for the park.

A/N: okay anyone who's going to read this, this is my first chapter of TravisXreader and I hope you enjoyed it! Comment below if you did, and stay tuned for more updates!

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