Chapter Five.

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The plane landed just after dusk, the warmth in the air still lingering even though the sun was dipped low below the rolling green hills that we now drove and wove through on our way to Castrum's secret city.

The plane ride had been uneventful.

I slept a little, snacked a little, then played on my phone and tried to read a book on my Kindle, but I kept finding myself distracted by my loathing for the man sitting a couple of yards away.

Now I was just as distracted by him sitting less than a foot away. His sandalwood scent filling the car again, making my head a little fuzzy. I've always been a sucker for men's cologne. But on this particular man, I didn't want to have any interest in it.

The ride was longer than I'd expected it to be, but then I figured we might still be taking a longer route to make sure we got there on time.

I gaze out the window, finally looking away from the script writing across Dalton's arm and instead watched the scenery go by. I only wish it was daytime still so I could see this country the way mom had. She used to tell me stories as a little girl about a magical place where everything is so bright and exuberant and little stone castles lie dilapidated on sea shores and low laying fog drifts over dark waters in the nearly constant breeze.

It even smelled like she described.

I roll my window all the way down and lean my head into the wind that rushes in. I take in the earthy smell, somewhere far in the distance a fire burns, blowing its warm woodsy smell towards us too. As silly as it sounds since I've never actually been here before, something about it all felt home.

At the thought of home I make out quick texts to everyone, letting them each know I've made it to Ireland safe and sound and that I love them.

Once I'm done, I sit for another thirty minutes before boredom and curiosity finally win me over. I peek carefully at Dalton's arm again and then type in the letters on my phone.

I furrow my brows at the result.

"Dum iacet et." I recite out loud. "Until low I lie." I see the surprise in his eyes as he turns to me for a split second before putting his golden eyes back on the road ahead of us as it turns to gravel.

"I didn't know you knew Latin." He says shortly.

I shrug in my seat, my butt getting seriously uncomfortable after all this time of sitting.

"I don't." I tell him. "I Google translated." I hold up my phone.

He turns again, his brows knit together. "You what?"

"Google." I say as if it's obvious. "You know, type in whatever you want to know, it gives you a billion answers?"

He just shakes his head. "Sounds like a magic eight ball."

"God, you are old huh?" I laugh. "Don't know about Google, but you know about the magic eight balls. But anyway, the dumb ball only gives you like, what? Three or four answers? Google will answer literally anything you ask." I realize I'm rambling and quickly snap my jaw shut.

"If only your magic Google could tell me how to get you to shut up." He shrugs, leaning away from me and steering with one hand on the wheel now.

I frown, remembering quickly why I hadn't bothered talking the whole plane ride.

But again, curiosity slips into my subconscious.

"Why, Until low I lie?" I ask. "Kind of cryptic isn't it?"

"Kind of none of your business actually."

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