Chapter 4

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Frisk struggled her way slowly back to consciousness. A dull, throbbing pain along the back of her skull was the first thing to greet her. Darkness was the second. She opened her eyes to find only blackness around her. She felt a gag tied around her head, pressing down on her tongue, restricting sound from getting out.

'How did she?' Frisk thought.

She was laying on her side on something rough and cool. Her hands had gone numb from the way her arms were pulled behind her back and tied at the wrists. Frisk moved around as much as she was able, quickly discovered that her legs had been also tied up tightly at the ankles.

Frisk grunted in frustration as she rolled around against the bonds, trying anyway to slide her hands free, but Chara was not stupid. She wouldn't let her go easily. Not without pain first. When she felt a sharp, aching pain shoot through her head, she decided to save her strength for her captor instead and so, relaxed, waiting in the darkness.

Moments later, a door behind her burst open, letting light spill into the room. Heavy footsteps stomped across the floor. Frisk rolled to face the light. Her head seemed to spin, protesting the movement. But she was able to focus her vision on the dark shape that stepped into the small room, silhouetted by the light from the corridor.

"Hello Frisk." Chara spoke ominously, causing Frisk to flinch. "I was wondering when you'd awake."

Frisk lifted her head, being careful of the pain that her head produced. She gasped when Chara's blood red eyes met her own. Chara giggled excitedly, ready to destroy her. She knelt down and untied the gag. Once it was removed, Frisk coughed dryly. Her mouth was parched.

"C-Chara.." She said weakly with a little anger in her voice. "How did you..?"

"How did i separate our souls?!" Chara snapped. "Oh, dear Frisk, i have my ways. All it took was a little...determination." She clicked her tongue, then stood. "It doesn't matter though. All that matters is that you're going to die here and no one is going to save you. I'll make sure of that! But before you die, i have a little friend that would like to see you."

After her sentence finished, an all too familiar face came in.

"Hello Frisk." Flowey spat.

"I'll leave you two to play." Chara replied, walking out and slamming the door shut.

Frisk's scream was the last thing that Chara heard as she walked down the corridor. It was filled with so much pain that it caused Chara to laugh like she had seen something funny happen. Uncontrollably laughing, that is.

(Chapter 5 coming soon! Goodnight!)

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