Why me?

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Aspen's POV

Its been about a week since Ashton got his new phone, and he's been ignoring me.

If it were to be the first time we met, I wouldn't have cared. But he's been haunting my dreams.

Here is last nights dream.

I was calmly reading a random book on wolves, when Ashton crawled in my bed with me. Nude. I tried to get away from him but was stopped by a strong arm.

I felt warm lips scatter around my cold neck, making me shudder.

"A-Ash s-stop." I stuttered. He ignored me and slithered a warm hand into my pants, under my boxers. I jumped back towards his chest, making him moan and smirk against my lips.

"Why would I? You must love it considering you are already hard for me." He stated in a husky voice.

Instead of begging him to stop, I gasped when he grasped my mini me.

After that I woke up, hot and bothered.

So I guess I either have a tiny crush on Ash, or just a sexual attraction. But he's a god so who wouldn't.

Speaking of Ash, he hasn't been home for a few days.

Worry began to fill me up as I heard a wolf's howl.

I quickly grabbed my coat and bolted towards the howl.

Why was I running? I asked myself. Why was I trying to find him?

Love? No it's only been a month.

Friendship? Couldn't be, we rarely talk.

My awareness faded as I thought for a reason of why I was trying to save roommate.

Then it hit me harder than a truck.

I had been so closed up in my own little world that I was so lonely. Ash made me feel wanted, like it was okay to have a friend.

I tripped while I was thinking, but I landed on Moss. I groaned and looked up to be met with a black figure with glowing gold eyes.

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