Fire in the hole!

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It was summer and both bees and wasps and other life threatening monsters had invaded the gardens of Larsensgade. Didde wasn´t at all happy with these creepy things crawling and flying around in her garden and she had decided that this year they had to be wiped out! Every single one of them!

She had bought some insecticide in spray cans and had been all the way around her house terminating creeps of all sorts in all the places she could think of and was now on a damage assessment mission. She squeezed her eyes tightly together. Take that! Creeps!

"Oh!" she yelled startled as she stepped down in a hole in the lawn. What was this? It hadn´t been there yesterday, she was sure of it. Using all of her strength she lifted up her foot from the hole and then her eyes widened! A swarm of wasps follow right on the tail of her foot heel from the darkness of Mother Earth and a couple of dozen sat on her rubber boots trying to find somewhere to crawl inside as she tried keeping track of every single one of them.

"Jens! Com out here, right now!" she heard herself panicking and soon a middle aged man with the residue of his last few hairs combed over the top of his head rushed out of the house as a knight in shining armor to rescue his young maiden. Well, not really young.. or maiden...

"What is it, my love?"

She pointed her finger at her boots, where the insects seemed to have only one goal. Revenge on their brethren! At least in her eyes they were on a mission to sting her to death.

"Help me," she pleaded, "Help me, Jens, please..."

With resolution Jens fetched a hand broom and brushed the wasps off of the boots. "Better get you inside and look at the damage," he smiled, ”for all we know, you might have internal bleedings.”

In the kitchen he searched her feet for covert ops groups of wasps just waiting for the defcon to go down, but found none. "Lucky you. It looks all right," Jens said, ”let´s have a cup of coffee and then I think it´s time to mind the potatoes."

Didde looked at him with her chin on her chest. How could he even begin to think about his potatoes so soon after she had almost been scared to death?

"Potatoes?" she sneered, "There will be no minding potatoes or any other sort of vegetable right now. Those creeps gotta go and they gotta go now!"

"But Didde, there´s no more poison." He stood with his back to her and was pouring up some coffee. "Well, then you have to go get some, Jens Hansen." Didde was very determined and at the tone of her voice and even more at the use of his surname Jens knew there was no way around the matter. But there was still a problem.

"But, Didde, it´s Sunday," he tried, "all shops are closed."

"I don´t care, Jens. Get some! Find a solution!"

He swung his arms in surrender. "Yeah… but how?"

"Well, for one thing one of the neighbors might have some ant poison or something."

Jens placed his mug at the table and went to their neighbor’s house.

"Hi, Anders," he said over the low hedges separating the two properties, "ehm... I don´t suppose you eh.. have some insecticide of some sort? Like ant poison?"

Anders leaned lazily against his rake and shook his head. "Sorry, no," he said, "has Didde been attacked by ants? They really are nasty creatures, you know. One moment you´re sleeping quietly in your bed and the next you wake up at the sound of those buggers ramming in the door and raping all the women in the house." Not a single muscle in his head even twitched. So typical with Anders and his wry and dry humor.

Jens laughed loudly enough to connect with Anders, but not so loud that Didde could hear it. Well, he supposed she was a bit hysterical when it came to insects. But what won´t one do to secure peace in one´s own house?