One Shot (Part II)

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Just a small note...

Even though Kazuha has Aikido skills she was held hostage at a gunpoint.

Heiji threw Conan because he knew Conan would knock the guy unconscious and I believe Heiji sometimes forget that Shinichi is now a kid, Conan, not a high school student.
Conan stood beside the body as he took a look around the bank to see that Heiji was questioning everyone as they waited for the police to arrive.

Tori stood in the corner with a grim expression on his face. He couldn't understand who murdered the man.

Ran and Kazuha were seated in an uneasy silence.

The policemen couldn't do anything but to control the anxious crowd.

No one could comprehend how the day turned out to be like this.

One moment everyone was busy and the other they all are standing in a room with a dead body.

"Oy Hattori, he was shot." Conan said as he walked toward Heiji and stood beside him.

Heiji was done questioning so he nods in agreement, "The bullet was shot from the left corner and across from where we stood. Many say that they saw four people standing there. They are three men and a woman. One of them is the owner who ratted out the dead guy and handed him to the police." He says.

"But how did this person, the murderer, bring a gun in? And he hid in the plain sight." Conan questions.

"The killer must've planned this. I mean, he was able to shoot the man and before that he knew that the victim would be here... This has to be a premeditated murder." Heiji declared as he and Conan walked toward the body.

"Why aren't the police here, yet? They should've been here by now." Conan realized as they didn't hear any sirens and everything was drowned in eerie silence.

"The phones are trashed..." Ran started. "Police talkies are destroyed while the landlines are..." Kazuha continued.

"The landlines were cut." Tori finished as he came and stood by their side. "No one called the police and if we let anyone out, we let the murderer slip out our hands."

Heiji and Conan shared a look, He's right... Buy who is this guy?

"We know that." Heiji said blankly as he picked Conan and walked away.

"What does he think of himself? Do we know him? No! We sure don't but that didn't stop him from putting his nose in others business!" Heiji grumbled.

Oy... Conan thought as he heard Hattori complain.

"The victim was 34 years old, Matsuyama Masashi; he worked at the Hisaki enterprise." Heiji said as he settled Conan down to his feet.

"How'd you know that?" Conan asked.

"The owner is here. I asked him about the man... And there was something off about him that I can't point my finger at but... he was shady and very jumpy. I guess witnessing a murder does that to people." Heiji brushed off.

"OK. But I don't understand how the killer knew he'd take over the bank?" Conan questioned.

"It wasn't just a fluke. See the way nobody saw someone shooting... The killer planned to have the guy dead and must've been following him." Heiji replies.

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