Chapter 2

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(Pic: Benjamin Hansen Jr.- CEO of Hansen Enterprises)

As the elevator comes to a halt on the thirteenth floor and two tall men in suits exit gracefully, I suddenly remember the words printed across the giant plaque downstairs, informing me that there are currently two major assistant positions available; the CEO's personal assistant or the CFO's personal assistant, so I can set my sights on one of those. All too soon, the elevator lets out a muffled ding, and the guard speedily weaves us down the various clean, white-walled corridors of the building until he brings me to what seems to be an excessively spacious waiting room. I take in the large gray printers and second large reception desk lining the sides as he finally speaks.

"Sir will call for you soon. Please, wait here."

He nods curtly once again, before disappearing back down the long corridor we just emerged from. I raise an eyebrow as I settle into one of the large white chairs lining the back wall. Puffing air out of my cheeks, I try not to ponder on the fact that I will likely end up embarrassing myself trying to distinguish the 'sir' that the man was referring to from the other dozens of businessmen roaming the halls. Just as my eyebrows are furrowing at this realization, a man with an impressively tall, salt-and-pepper colored quiff waltzes into the room, his eyes scanning the area rather impatiently. I sit up straighter as he registers my existence, clearing my throat to calm the butterflies in my stomach as he scurries over.

"Miss Leverton?"

"Yes, that's me," I say confidently, sending him my most dazzling smile. His stony expression falters for a moment as he speedily returns it, then an unreadable expression takes over his face.

"Mr. Hansen will take your interview."

He gestures for me to stand, so I obey instantly, hardly processing his words as we begin swerving back down the winding corridors of the 32nd floor, speed-walking until we reach the door of the penultimate office.

"Just in there." He informs me in a singsongy voice. My eyes quickly absorb the sign attached to the polished door;

'Benjamin Hansen Jr., CEO.'

Oh my God.

I try for a cheery smile and nod in the direction of the man still hovering beside me, my hand going for the door handle.

"Knock twice!" I hear him call out, and I smile nervously in reply, before rapping my knuckles lightly on the varnished wooden door.

"Come in." A smooth voice replies, and after a final deep breath for courage, I prize the door open and peek inside.

A lavishly decorated, state-of-the-art office stands before me, and the first thing that catches my eye is the extravagant, glass window spanning an entire side of the room and providing a surreal view of what looks like every single New York skyscraper. My mouth falls open as I take a timid step further into the room. Adorned with various feathery beige rugs, polished black shelves and even a glistening gold chandelier, this office is most definitely a breath-taking sight to see. However, I don't get to revel in it long, because Mr. Hansen clears his throat and redirects my attention.

The first thing I notice about him is his incredible posture. Yes, an odd thing to notice, I know- but his tall and confident composure, along with his crossed legs and the fact that his hands are clasped on the desk before him, instantly tell me that this man is very much a CEO and very much aware of it. Dark trimmed hair, a strong brow, a chiseled jaw and pale green eyes are enough to take me off guard so much that I don't actually hear his next words.

"Oh, sorry?"

"Gerard sent you, I presume." He asks in the same deep voice, and I manage to part my lips to reply, just to abruptly shut them when I realize it wasn't actually a question. Unclasping his hands, he gestures for the glossy seat in front of him with a slight wave, and I take it with as much grace as I can muster. I know this probably isn't his first interview today- hell, he's probably sick of young girls with big dreams showing up at his workplace- but still, as I take the seat in front of him, failing to ignore the alluring scent of his musky cologne as it envelops me, I can't help but ponder on my good luck.

I'd actually been leaning more towards being the CFO's assistant up until now, more so than the CEO's, simply because she's a woman and that's what I'm more comfortable with. I'd assumed that working under a man would feel mildly degrading- but now, as I beam up at the perfectly sculpted face of CEO, Benjamin Hansen, I realize that, if I were to get the choice, being his would be quite the dream.

"Alright." I snap out of my thoughts when he mutters to himself, crossing my legs to unconsciously mirror his position. I try not to let the light shiver that runs down my arms distract me as I watch his long fingers tap at his glinting white laptop for a few seconds before he glances up at me again.

"Okay. Aria Leverton...23- oh, you were recommended by James Herwall?"

I nod and smile. Thank you, Jenny!

The perfectly sculpted eyebrows I'd just been marveling at shoot up his forehead. He glances at me and nods in what I think is a refined gesture of approval, his mouth twisting slightly.

"He's a close friend of mine. I assume he visited your college on his book tour a few years ago?"

I'm not sure if he was expecting a reply, because he doesn't get one; all I can focus on are his plump pink lips now curved up in a charming smile.

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