Alone In The Dark

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Trapped in the dark

A world without light.

Bottled up and dead inside.

Those who say they would be there

To find out they only Lied.

So alone in the dark i will hide.

The only one who truly cared has died.

As I sit here in mysery in this dark place.

Only to fine myself with wings of black

That help me to fly through this shroud of horror.

As i lay here and watch each day pass by.

no one can hear these tears I cry.

To find out all that I thought was true was a lie.

All fall from the mountain and all i did was try.

Only to have this wings of black fail me as i fly.

Now I lie here stairing up upon the sky.

No more sun its always night.

Praying to God with all my might

That he will some day restore my will to fight.

But here i lay stranded in a world with no light.

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