Chapter 40

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Hi my lovely readers! If I still have any by now 😭😂 Anyways, I would just like to apologize for the very late update! Writers block has hit me really hard this past month & it's put me in kind of a funk that I'm struggling to get out of! No matter how hard/bad I wanted to write, I just couldn't concentrate. It's not much but I've finally got something down for you guys, so I hope you guys enjoy it

Erin's POV

I didn't get one once of sleep through out the day. And not because Jaxon and I were up all morning rekindling our love, but because i had so much on my mind. Plus Jaxon had also kept tossing and turning, so I wanted to stay awake to make sure that he was alright. I knew that he was completely drained. The instant he drank both blood bags he collapsed onto my bed, and next thing I knew he was snoring softly.

No matter how hard I tried to squirm away from him, i couldn't, he held onto me so tightly. About half an hour after Jaxon showered I started regaining control of my abilities, and the first wave that hit me were his thoughts, they were all over the place. Even as he slept next to me his thoughts invaded my head.

He was afraid.

Afraid that when he woke up I would be gone. That he would be back to wherever my dad had him locked up, afraid that he would have to go back. He was afraid of who he was, of who he'll become. He was terrified to be around his friends, afraid that they would treat him differently now. But most of all, he was scared that I would no longer love him, now that he wasn't human. Which was nearly impossible, I would love Jaxon no matter what happened or became of him.

Around the time that the sun was starting to go down, my eyes started feeling really heavy and I ended up falling asleep for about maybe an hour or so. I woke up to light movement next to me. I prompted myself up on my elbows and seen that Jaxon was laying flat on his back, stirring in his sleep again. His chest was starting to heave heavily when I realized he was probably having another bad dream, it was the third one in one night.

I sat up on the bed lightly shaking his arm, trying to wake him up. "Jaxon," I muttered sleepily. My eyes were stinging on account of how heavy they felt. Jaxon didn't wake though, he stayed soundly asleep. Well not soundly asleep, because he was still stirring and starting to breathe even heavier. I shook his arm a little harder this time. "Jax's, wake up." Nothing still.

Jaxon was normally a light sleeper, any little movement or sound usually woke him up. The fact that he was still sleeping only told me how exhausted he probably was. I cupped the side of his face, turning his head in my direction, softly stroking his cheek with my thumb. "Come on baby," I shook my hand lightly, "wake up."

Jaxon inhaled a deep breath, his eyes slowly starting to flutter open, and I was soon staring into his deep green orbs. "Hi,"I whispered.

Jaxon's eyes leave mine, and they shift all around the room, then back to me. "Where am I?" He whispers roughly.

"You're okay, Jax's. You're with me."

He brings a hand up wrapping it around my wrist, his thumb slightly brushing against my hand. "You're.. here?"

I shook my head, "no baby, you're here. You were having another bad dream."

Jaxon looks away for a second. He looks deep into my eyes, forcing a small smile on his face, "I love you so much.."

Like any other normal girl would, I light up like a firework on Fourth of July after hearing those five words. I lean down placing a kiss on his lips, but before i get the chance to come back up, Jaxon intwines his fingers in my hair pulling me back down for yet another kiss.

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