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Olivia's POV

"You're seriously the funniest person I've ever met, please keep talking." Jace said sarcastically. Jace gets mad whenever I make fun of his new haircut.

Every once and awhile, his hair gets too long and he gets it cut. He looks like a newborn baby.

Jace and I have always been tight ever since he moved to Los Angeles. He lives in the same neighborhood as me, so we hang out a lot.

"We should go somewhere." I needed to get out of the house.

"No." Jace stated. I stared at him blankly. "I'm not going into public looking like this."

"Hey, it's not that bad. I mean yeah, you kinda sorta look like one of those naked cats but it could be worse." 

"Let's go get McDonalds." Jace suggested.

"I'm down, Norms." Jace rolled his eyes. He hates when I call him that.

"You can't come now." Jace said, bluntly.

"Come on, why not?" I whined.

"Cause you're being mean." Jace tried not smiling but he can't help it.

"Please. Pretty please with a cherry on top." I tug on his shirt.

"Fine, let's go." Jace grabbed the keys and we heading to the car.

"Hey, Jace. You have precious cargo in this car, so can you try not crashing?" I smiled.

Jace rolled his eyes and started driving. Jace and I have the same music taste and it's the best thing in the world. We shared a lot of memories in this car.

I looked over at him. His hand was tapping the steering wheel, somewhat off beat but I appreciate the effort. His head was bobbing back and forth to the music.

"Brake check!" Jace yelled and slammed on the brakes. I lunged forward almost hitting my head on the dashboard.

I looked at Jace and we bursted out laughing. Jace has always been super busy with rehearsals and interviews, so hanging out like this is rare.

We stopped for gas and Jace got up to pump gas.

Isabela Moner
do you want to hang out tonight?

I read it but I don't tell Jace.

Jace gets in the car and puts on his seatbelt with his phone in his hand.

"Oh shit." He says, looking at his phone.

"What?" I act unaware.

"Isabela wants to hang out tonight." Jace looks at me.

"Oh." I say bluntly.

"I...already.....have...plans....sorry." Jace says while he's texting her.

I look at him and put my hand on my heart. "Thank you."

Jace mimics what I did and says, "You're welcome."

I roll my eyes and pull out my phone. Jace starts driving. I open instagram and put a video of Jace driving, saying "get you a man that drives"

I realized that I'll probably get loads of hate and rumors will be spread but I love him.

Comments rolled in.

"date now"
"i ship it"

Jace's fan really like me. I comment on their posts a lot and follow them.

"Oh no, what did you post?" Jace said, still driving.

"How do you know I posted something?" I crossed my arms.

"I got the notification." He holded up his phone.

I snatched the phone out of his hands. "Hey, you are driving, mister. You aren't allowed to even think about your phone and how many notifications you're getting right now.

"You're just jealous." Jace scoffed.

"How could I, a webstar with multi thousand followers, be jealous of you.?"

"Well I'm kind of a big deal." Jace adjusted his imaginary tie. I started busting out laughing, sarcastically.

Jace rolled his eyes and blurted out and said, "Do you want me to text Isabela that my plans got cancelled?"

I flipped him off and we finally got to McDonalds.

We went through the drive thru. I ordered a twenty piece chicken mcnuggets because twenty mcnuggets for five bucks is a deal.

We went to my house and watched some disney movies. "Hey, Jace." I said, halfway through Tangled. "You know, it's 11:30pm right now." Jace's eyes widened and he bounced up out of his seat.

"I gotta go." He walked to the door. I followed him out the door and he waited on his phone.

"Shouldn't you be leaving?"

"If I'm already late, might as well just be a little more late." He shrugged his shoulders.

"Jace, go home or they won't let you hang anymore." I pushed on his chest.

"Fine, but I want a hug." Jace wrapped his arms around me. He was comfy and I felt safe. "Thank you." Jace was still hugging.

"For what?"

"Being there for me. I personally think you're my biggest fan." I laughed.

"Well I just want you to be successful and be happy while doing it."

"Thank you. Can we hug again?"

That was the last hug I got from him for awhile. Jace started getting busy with acting and interviews so we never get to hang out that really. It's been five months since we've hung out. I miss him a lot but I don't think he feels the same way.

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