Chapter 6- A seduction to hell

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The light flash as it reached its destination, the lobby floor. The creepy guy who stood at the corner of the elevator walked up to the frightened brunette and laid his hand on her left shouder. "Miss--"

"AAAaaaaHHhhhh"  Mekaela instantly freaked out. And soon as she wished someone would help her out, the elevator's door opened to her wish. She, in a dash, ran out bumping into something solid. She held it tight, screaming help-

"Mekaela?" a male voice called.

Blinking as she heard that voice before, she looked up. "Tyler?"

"What's wrong? Why are you screaming? help?" Tyler looked at the man getting off the elevator then to Mekaela who tightly wrapped her arms around his body like she doesn't want to ever let him go. He liked the idea. No, wait, that's not the point! The point is finding out what was causing her to act like this.

The scared girl instantly without letting go of her savior, pointed at the man behind her. "He was trying to rape me!"

"WHAT!" both of the guys said in outrage shock.

"No, I wasn't!" the guy with the black cap exclaimed with a flushed face.

"YES YOU WERE! I heard you say so!" Mekaela retorted. "You said in your phone something about cute, brunette, and RAPE!"

"I said, there's a clothe's tag on the cute brunette's NAPE  that she did't even notice about. That, I said to my friend! Not RAPE!"


Her cheeks instantly changed color.


"Ahahahaha...." The brunette's savior who is also her roommate, Tyler Flyzik, made audible laughs.

With a red tomato colored face, Mekaela hissed, "Oh, shut up. How was I supposed to know he said that! He was whispering on his cell, for God's sake!...And somehow I misheard it....."

Tyler kept chuckling as he and the embarrassed brunette walked to their flat.

"Tyler! Stop laughing! It's not funny!" In an annoyed way that she was, Mekaela hit him lightly on the arm several times, just to make him stop. Holding his hands in defense and still in the mood of laughter, Tyler said, "okay, okay, I won't laugh." He chuckled some afterwards, silently.

Not quite convince, Mekaela hissed at him. "Laugh again and I'm not going to talk to you...ever again!"

"Huh?" his brows rose and slowly his facial expression changed. He was technically laughing, again. "Was that a threat?" he asked her, as he kept laughing.

Face flushed once again, Mekaela huffed, quickly opening the door and strolled in, only to halt and ask in sudden disbelief, "WHAT the heck happened here?"  It seemed that the living room she was looking at was nothing more but a mess of papers and folders around, covering it. She couldn't even see the sofa or the table anymore. The puzzled blond quickly turned to the annoying Tyler who by the way has finally stopped his hysterical period.

Tyler spoke as if everything was normal. Well, that is, only to him. "This, that work I have to do." He bent down to pick up a piece of paper, he showed some documents to her. "I got a call in the morning from one of my workers, who told me that the one of the clients of mine has changed their mind on the project layout at the last minute and wants a new one by Tuesday."

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