~Why Should I Love You?~

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          There was a girl named Rosette and she has a BFF named Gabriella. They never fought on each other but fought for their friendship.They were chosen to be true friends.Well until Shonelle came and ruined their lives since kindergarten.But it didn't ruin their friendship.Then there was this boy who really likes Rosette named Josh.Well actually he is just an ordinary boy who plays basketball and tennis.Well he is smart and "cool" like the others.Here's the story yo!!!


          One Day.Rossete was still sleeping dreaming about a boy in school.But she didn't know on how he looked like.But then she woke up hearing the sound of her alarm clock.


Rosette's P.O.V.

          I hate first day of school.It's so boring  when your just listening to a boring teacher and watch other popular people saying " oh look I have a new purse Oh look I have new pair of shoes blah blah blah >_< " I really really hate school!!.

Rosette's mom:Rossete time for breakfast!!! 

Rosette:Coming!!! *taking a bath and changing clothes*

Rosette's mom:hurry up you don't want to be late for school and your father is waiting outside.

Rossete:OK mom Bye!! Love you !! <3

Rossete's mom: Bye honey!!

at school....

Rosette: Bye dad,Love you !! 

Rosette's dad: Bye sweetie!!

Gabriella: Rosette!!!


Gabriella: I'm so glad to see you ! No wait,I have to tell you something.*saying sadly*

Rosette:Really !! What?

Gabriella:Shonelle goes to this school and she wants to talk to you.

Rosette:Well tell her that I am NOT going to talk to her ever!

Gabriella's POV:

          You know what,I think she's right.I mean who would talk to life ruiner like her.I mean like she did destroy and humiliate us but you know,We just don't like her.What is she doing here anyway I mean is she like gonna humiliate us again like 3rd grade she she savataged  our play for "Happy Land" but it's OK 'cause it wasn't really that good for a play.

Gabriella:Maybe we should just keep an eye on her and avoid her evil expectations.

Rosette:good idea *both crawling* bumped into Shonelle*...darn it !!!

Shonelle:Oh it's you *=s*

Shonnelle's POV:

         I can't believe I bumed into a lozer like her and her stupid sidekick.Ughh! why do they keep on following me in any school I go to.Why does she have to be "Miss Perfect"all the time! Why do they keep on telling I'm miss perfect,Me! Why does this keep happening to me! Ughhh!!! >_<

Shonelle: what are YOU doing here?!!

Gabriella: the question is what are YOU doing here?!!

Shonelle:I asked you first!

Rosette: None of you business Shonele just get out of our way this school year!

Gabriella: aBaBye Shoenelle!

          School bell is ringing very loud and Rosette said to Gabriella that she is just going to catch up and go ahead.But when she went to her locker se bumped into a boy! this just happens in movies :/ hehe Let's see who this "boy" is =D.....

Rosette:*bumps* Oh I'm so sorry...!...

???:It's OK *stares at her*......HiI'm Josh =3

Rosette:Hi I'm Rosette

Josh:So uhh -,-"

Rosette:Gotta go Maybe we could go by some lunch =)

Josh: Really =D Imean Sure =|

Rosette: great Bye

          After class they went lunch together with Gabriella and had some laughs and became friends a few weeks and just when Josh was about to ask Rosette out =O OMG!!


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