The tiara

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ONCE upon a time,

The first inhabitant of the Enchanted Forest rose.

She was a child of the Forest, born and raised by the magic of the trees in this very magical forest.

Her name was Diana.

On Diana's sixteenth birthday, she went to the Lake Nostos, the Lake said to cure anything.

"Great Lake Nostos,"  Diana called.  "Please, cure my loneliness." 

Something deep down in the Lake started glowing.

Diana watched in awe as the something rose above the surface of the Lake.

It floated towards Diana's open hands.

The object turned out to be a beautiful tiara.

It was silver, with sapphires.

Diana placed the tiara on her head.

She then raised her hands.

"From this day forth, I, am Princess Diana of the Enchanted Forest.  Daughter of this great ForestOnly the most worthy of Princesses will inherit my gift, which is the loyalty, protection, and love that this Forest has to offer."


Many years after the Princess Diana passed away, another Princess was born.

"Valentina."  Snow White whispered.  "Her Princess Valentina."

Charming smiled down at his first daughter, his first child.

"Your Highnesses..."  Johanna said from the doorway.  "Shall we try?"

Snow White bit her lip, knowing exactly what Johanna spoke of.

"Bring it in."  She said sternly.

Two guards marched in, holding a pillow with a beautiful silver tiara with sapphires.

They knelt down by Snow White and offered her the pillow.

Snow White took the pillow and held it to her new daughter.

Baby Valentina giggled and held her tiny hands out the the tiara.

Snow White winced.

If the tiara rejected the baby...well the baby would get a light shock.

Yet they had to do it now.

It was tradition.

Valentina touched the tiara and the tiara shined blue.

The tiara floated above Valentina's small head and shrunk down to fit the baby Princess' s little head.

Everyone in the room stared at their new Princess, wide eyed.

"All hail Princess Valentina Diana, Princess of the Enchanted Forest...Daughter of the Enchanted Forest."  Snow White whispered.

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