XI- I'm Going To Kill You!

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Kelsea had pulled away from the table as of two months ago. Since Bones attacked her as well as the cartel, she threw in her cut and called it quits. Now, she was close to her due date, and I was unable to leave her alone since she couldn't pull her pregnant ass off anything if she decided to sit down. 

Bones had his ass thrown in rehab. It was the only term to get his patch back. He wasn't happy in the least and we never heard the end of it, but after what he did to his own daughter, my old lady... I couldn't forgive him for it. 

We were having a barbecue today, seeing as the weather was a bit favorable today. It was about sixty degrees, which seemed to be happening quite frequently. Kelsea was sitting under the pavilion, preoccupied with a plate full of potato salad, beans, and some ribs, but she wasn't devouring it, like she would usually. 

I went and sat beside her, brushing her long hair out of her face. "Hey. You okay?" I asked her, leaning on the table. 

"Yeah, why?" Her voice was quieter than usual, too. I shrugged.

"You just look tired, still have half a plate of food..." She winced and her belly rippled. 

"I've been having some contractions earlier... I think he's getting ready to try and work his way out." I rubbed her arm, then trashed her plate in the garbage. 

"Come on, let's go have you lay down. You're obviously tired." I walked her to our old room, which was now converted to a guest room. We each put some of our money into a nice house, buying up front for $125,000. We each had more than enough as our pot pushed fast and we got a cut of the coke money for being protection runners. It was a four bed, one story house, enough to raise her child and keep us out of the way. It wasn't the fanciest thing in the world, but it had a newly renovated kitchen and bathrooms, and some hardwood that had just been replaced. The cabin was offered to us, but Kelsea wanted no club connections other than the babysitting for her, and soon, her child. She loved the table, but as long as there was drugs other than pot involved, she wanted no part of it. Scruffy was heading it until one of us were ready to step up.

I didn't want the president patch until the cartel let us go. 

Kelsea struggled to lay down and get comfortable and her quiet groans alerted me she was having a contraction. She had grabbed onto my hand tightly, then let go about a minute later. I rubbed her stomach gently, feeling the baby kick where my hand was. 

"It might be a good idea if we went to the hospital..." She said, sounding tired. "That was only ten minutes apart and they only get closer." 

"Blondie's out front, do you want me to go get her?" I asked, which she nodded at. Grabbing her, she came back with me, checking on her. She had grabbed her med kit from the car, then told me to go sit by Kelsea. She checked if she was dilating or not. 

"Well, you were right to get me, but your water hasn't broken yet. You're only two centimeters right now, nowhere near ready. It would be a good idea to get her to the hospital now so they can be able to give her an epidural and get the pain moderated before it kicks into high gear." She snapped off her gloves, throwing them in the trash. "I'll meet you guys up there." I looked over to Kelsea, who looked back at me. 

"It's time, huh?" Her quiet voice seemed stressed to me. I pressed a kiss to her forehead.

"It's time." 


We didn't alert any of the members, just because Kelsea didn't want a big scene. Once there, they got her set up with an IV and an epidural, which the timing couldn't have been better because her contractions were picking up. I stayed by her side, feeding her ice chips and making sure she was as comfortable as she could be. 

Every so often, Blondie came to check on her, but her progression was slow. By the end of the day, she was only at four centimeters. While she slept semi-soundly, I slept in the rocking recliner that was in the room, just trying to get some sleep before she had me at her beck and call. 

We weren't married, I didn't know if the child was mine or not... But this woman had me pussy whipped. I wouldn't have it any other way, though. She took me in in my time of need, took care of me... It was only fair I did the same.


In the morning, it was back to the new temporary routine. I fed her a little bit as it was morning and I didn't want her stomach eating itself or bothering her. While it wasn't much, just a little bit of jello and goldfish, it kept her tided over. With the first check in the morning, she was at seven centimeters, still having three to go. Her contractions had not slowed, but they fluctuated between strong and weak. She couldn't sleep and I wished I could have done something. 

But when the time came, boy did I really feel like shit.

"Kelsea, you're ready to push, so on the next contraction, I want you to push as hard as you can, okay?" Blondie was sitting between her legs. The monitor started printing out rapidly and Kelsea pushed, but to no luck. 

"I hate you so fucking much right now!" She screamed at me, even though she was holding my hand and nearly breaking it. 

"Hate me all you want if it helps." I told her as she pushed again. 

"You don't know how bad I want to kill you right now..." 

"Come on, Kelsea, quit bickering. Push!" Blondie told her and another round yielded no results. She gave Kelsea three minutes to rest before starting again. Another five pushes and that's when everyone kicked into high gear. "Alright, baby is coming! Two more big pushes!" She was in tears at this point, cursing me, and screaming in pain. "One more!" I squeezed her hand back and then the moment we were waiting for...

The babies cries.

"It's a girl!" Blondie announced, setting the newborn on Kelsea's chest. She looked at her wailing daughter, carefully brushing the girl's forehead. After delivering the placenta, they began to clean both of them up, and took the baby girl away for a check-up.

"Do you know when they're going to bring her back?" Kelsea asked, nearing the edge of sleep.

"Probably soon. They're doing numerous tests to make sure she's healthy, doesn't have anything wrong with her." I brushed her temple with my thumb, holding her hand with the other. I knew Blondie was doing a paternity test for me, which would only take a few hours to do. 

"I'm sorry I yelled those things at you." She chuckled weakly, her hand on her now-empty stomach. 

"I understand, Kels. You were in pain." I kissed her forehead, just watching over her. Blondie came back a little later, holding Kelsea's little bundle in her arms.

"She's perfectly healthy... And, we have news." She handed Kelsea her daughter. "The paternity test came back." I held my breath. "She's...."



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