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Up-selling & Cross-selling Service in Pleasant Grove UT

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One of the most important services ROI Call Center Solutions can provide is the art of up selling and cross selling. The reason why these services are so valuable is because it maximizes the potential of every phone call. To up sell and cross sell can mean an average of forty percent (40%) additional gross sale per telephone call. ROI Call Center Solutions attacks the up sell and the cross sell in three different ways. The first is through technology, the second is through training, and the third is through statistical analysis.

Cross-selling and up-selling are established methods of improving your sales and increasing customer loyalty. Up-selling is the practice of offering customers a product in addition to the product they are currently purchasing. Cross-selling refers to selling items that are related or can be integrated with the item being sold. Both techniques can increase sales volume and provide a valuable service to your customers.

ROI Call Center Solutions believes customer care and contact centers fail to put into practice the cross-selling and up-selling basics during their customer interaction. This is the main reason why most call centers are found to struggle to get maximum return from their given investment.

ROI Call Center Solutions focuses on the fact that up-selling and cross-selling should be a must followed principle in the call centers. This is because cross-selling and up-selling services are a proven strategy to get a much better ROI.

ROI Call Center Solutions provides cross-selling and up-selling facilities aiming to upgrade the existing customers to their new line of products and services. Our trained team of professionals strictly monitor these metrics and KPI’s.   This is one process that will help our customers to generate more revenue.

How can the cross-selling and up-selling feature of a call center help?

In building a good rapport with potential customers

In reducing the escalated calls and offering repeated calls

Increasing the call quality and productivity of each call

Maximizing your face time or phone time utilization

Methodologies as adopted by ROI Call Center Solutions

We ask open ended queries to customers

We make the customers feel comfortable with all their questions.

We give sufficient time to all the customers to voice their queries.

We try to avoid the confusion of any customer relating to regulations and policies.

We work to make our customers feel at ease thereby increasing their sales gradually.

If your company is not currently utilizing or offering Cross-selling and Up-selling services you should implement this NOW!

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