02 | left behind

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        KIRA WAKES up in the middle of the night panting

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KIRA WAKES up in the middle of the night panting. She had another dream, no scratch that, it was more like a nightmare.

She closes her eyes for a few moments before deciding to get up from her bed and walk towards the kitchen.

The house is still, the only sound that can be heard is coming from her bare feet. She got herself a glass of water and finished it before putting it down the sink.

She's positive that she saw Emiline earlier outside that ice cream shop. She can't be wrong. For the last seven years of their friendship, she had learned to memorize Emiline from head to toe, both literally and figuratively. So she knows that her eyes isn't just playing tricks on her.

Emiline is alive, Vin can suck his crazy assumptions to himself.

But the problem is, where is she hiding?

Before she could even get near her earlier, she was already gone. Not even after she had crossed the street causing her to almost got ran over by a car.

"Where are you, Em?" she asks, as if Emiline would just magically answer. But she wasn't here in the room with her. Her traces weren't everywhere.

"Honey?" she hears her mom call out and soon enough, her mom is already standing by the kitchen door, body wrapped in a robe as she hug herself with both of her arms, "are you alright? Hungry?"

She smiles at her mom while shaking her head, "No. I just went to have a glass of water."

Mrs. Castillo nods at her and get herself a glass of water from the fridge too. Kira looks at her mom, wanting to tell her about seeing Emiline earlier.

But she don't want to give anyone false hopes, so she just keep her mouth shut until she reaches her bedroom door.

Grabbing her phone from her nightstand, Kira dialled Emiline's number once more.

But it is out of coverage.

She pressed the call button again, but to no avail, Emiline's phone seems to be off.

Sighing, she lay down on her bed and stared at the ceiling. Staring into the little stars painted in there since three years ago.

She misses her best friend.


It's been an hour and a half already since Kira opened her statistics notes and still she can't find the reason as to why the coefficient variation of question number three turned out to be -0.82.

This is driving her nuts.

"Hey," she looks to her side to find Eleanor settling down on the seat next to her at the far end of the library.

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