ruthless - young genji x reader

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You couldn't decide if getting swept away was a choice.

Especially when the perpetrator was the boy you grew up hating. You recalled the wretched memories, how often he'd made you cry. Usually by putting gum in your hair or knocking your books out of your arms or sticking his foot out to trip you.

In your teenage years, Genji Shimada was your bully--in every sense of the word. He was the person you'd avoided, the one you'd fled from when given the chance, the enemy you'd wished to overcome.

So why in the world were you now feeling so hopelessly, so fiercely attracted to him?

From the start, you suspected that this blind date was a bad idea. Confirmed, now that you were face to face with him. What surprised you was not being able to figure out if you were enjoying his company.

Your childhood bully sat intimately close, sharing a bench with you in a park filled with blooming cherry trees. Oddly enough, you haven't fled the scene.

Looking absolutely smitten by you, he intertwined his fingers with yours. Even you couldn't deny your own desire for him as you battled with the negative emotions you ever had for this boy.

No... he's not a boy anymore. You bit your lower lip, finding it hard to keep your eyes locked with his.

Inwardly, you cursed your best friend for setting this up, and yourself for agreeing to go.

'Don't worry,' She says. 'It'll be fun,' She says. 'It's just a walk in the park,' She says. You thought with dread and forced your eyes down onto the dirt path. Dear god... it's only been a half an hour and it feels like I've been here for ages.

The silver lining to all this was that Genji didn't recognize you from your younger days. He bought the false name you gave earlier, and you found yourself thanking a higher entity for his gullibility.

As you mulled over the past, the present, and your own feelings, Genji took notice of your discomposure. He cupped your cheek lightly, making you face him. Instantly, your eyes locked again.

You felt your cheeks growing hot, fire coursing through your veins, buzzing on the surface of your skin. He said nothing as he drew you even closer, and before you knew it, his warm lips pressed against yours. Your eyes closed as you enjoyed the hesitant, heart-fluttering, blood-rushing kiss. His other arm snaked around your waist, and he pulled you even closer to him.

His ardor invaded your being, stirring up emotions you thought you wouldn't be capable of. No, you never thought you'd have the hots for Genji Shimada--the jerk who made high school miserable for you.

Inhaling sharply, you broke the kiss and pulled away from him. Pressing the back of your hand to your passion-bruised lips, you tore your gaze from his handsome face and mumbled, "I'm sorry, Genji. I haven't been completely honest about my identity."

After a brief pause, he said in a gentle voice, "I know exactly who you are, [Y/N]."

He addressed you by your real name. Your eyes grew wide and you looked at him with apprehension. What were you supposed to feel? You considered if Genji was playing one of his cruel tricks on you, and the notion made you stand to your feet abruptly. "You know who I am..."

Embarrassed, you turned around and started your retreat.

But Genji snatched your hand in his, preventing you from running away. "Wait, please," He pleaded. "I am sorry for hurting you."

Your heart was beating so wildly, you swore you'd faint if it didn't let up. Standing up after you, Genji grasped your shoulders and effectively forced you to face him.

"I was a fool for treating you poorly." He confessed, the regret on his countenance impossible to mistake. "I ...really, really liked you, then. I just didn't know how to express my feelings."

Bewildered, you shot him a look of disbelief. "What? You made me dread coming to school on a daily basis. And you're telling me you... liked me?"

You saw the blood rushing to the surface of his skin, turning his cheeks red.

Genji began his reluctant explanation, "The way you'd made me feel... I had never experienced it before. I was so... taken by you. It was frustrating, the way you occupied my thoughts constantly. I didn't know how to act on my feelings for you."

"Usually, when a boy likes a girl, he asks her out." You deadpanned.

"Yes, I realized that after you'd disappeared." He admitted. "These past few years without seeing you have been difficult. There's not a day that goes by without me thinking about you. I dream of how different life could be now... if I just had been courageous enough to admit my feelings, then."

You listened, feeling your ears grow hot as his smoldering eyes lingered on your face.

"You're the best thing I've ever laid eyes on, and I you." He professed with sincerity. "I will not make the same mistake and waste this chance. I won't let you slip through my grasp. And I will never, ever hurt you again."

Your lips parted as your jaw fell. You cupped your hands over your heart, trying to withstand this uncomfortably warm sensation you were experiencing. "You're kidding, right?"

"No," His hands tightened on your body.

This time, there was no hesitation as his lips took yours in a ruthless kiss.

This time, you reciprocated his passion, finding yourself falling in love with the person you'd least expect.

When your lips broke contact with his, you found yourself breathless and hot. You saw the ardor in Genji's eyes, and you realized that he was serious.

"Will you forgive me?" He asked, in the process of catching his own breath.

A smile lit his handsome face when he saw your shy nod. You would give him a chance. Your hormones willed it. And your heart was already pierced.

"Will you do me the honor of dating me?" He followed up and grinned cheekily.

"Never," You said with a solemn expression. Genji's face fell instantly, and you felt your heart lurching.

You almost felt bad.

"I'm kidding! Yes, I would love to date you." You couldn't help but laugh at how profoundly you affected him. Maybe some harmless revenge on your new beau wouldn't be out of the agenda.

Relieved, the smile on his face returned as he gave a soft chuckle. "Who's bullying who now?"


A/N: I needed to do a casual Genji piece. This writer's block is awful. Hope you liked the read. Sorry for portraying you all as slightly evil!


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