“That was the wrong answer, Ogawa.”

That simple sentence was all Tomomi had heard after she had rejected Hana’s offer. The brunette had slipped to the ground, her legs having given out beneath her. She could feel the tears come back to her, welling in her eyes and threatening to spill. Her eyes stayed trained on the ground, refusing to look at any of the five girls who surrounded her.

“Stand up!” Hana shouted. Tomomi could feel Hana wrap her fingers around the front of her shirt collar, lifting her body off the ground. She slammed Tomomi make into the wall, forcing the girl to wince from the pain.

Tomomi groaned softly, forcing herself to look at the very angry Hana now standing directly in front of her. Hana’s hands continued to grip her shirt tightly as she glared menacingly at the younger brunette. Tomomi began to squirm in a desperate attempt to make Hana let go of her but her actions her quickly stopped when Hana let one hand go from her shirt, slapping her hard.

“Stop moving,” Hana growled. In one swift movement, Tomomi felt herself be thrown to the ground, the force of the impact sending a shock wave of pain through her.

Tomomi tried to lift her body off the ground but she didn’t get very far before she found herself knocked back down by Hana, the senior girl having given her a hard kick in the ribs. Tomomi groaned, bringing an arm to wrap itself around her stomach.

She let out a shriek when she felt Hana grab her hair, yanking her head back. As much as Tomomi wanted to control the tears, she found herself unable to. They fell freely as the pain swarmed her body, and Tomomi knew Hana was only just beginning.

“I’m going to make you regret ever having said no to me,” Hana growled out to the younger girl. Tomomi didn’t respond, instead trying to crawl away from Hana. The senior girl was having none of Tomomi’s feeble attempts. She grabbed the back of Tomomi’s shirt, yanking her back and forcing her to scramble onto her knees.

Tomomi’s hands shot up, grabbing at Hana’s wrist as she could feel the uniform shirt she wore beginning to slowly press against her neck. She could feel her breathing becoming more and more stuck in her throat as Hana gripped the back of her shirt tighter.

“If you want to play gangster with the big kids then we’ll let you play,” Hana told her with a small laugh. Tomomi whimpered softly, her crying becoming harder. She never wanted this. She never expected to find herself in this spot when she joined Haruna.

Tomomi felt herself be thrown to the side again, her head connecting with the wall Hana had thrown her into. She wasn’t given more than a few seconds of relief before she felt Hana’s fingers curl around her chin, forcing her head up so the two girls were looking at each other.

“I don’t know why you joined Haruna and frankly, I don’t care. But just tell me one thing, was it worth it? Was the reason you joined worth so much pain? Was it worth ruining your perfect little life over?” Hana asked her in a mocking tone.

Tomomi sniffled softly, shutting her eyes and doing her best to refuse to look at Hana. The senior girl glared more menacingly at her, raising her other hand and bringing it down hard across her face.

“Look at me when I talk to you!” Hana ordered her. Hana scoffed, making a clicking sound with her tongue as she let Tomomi’s head go, pushing herself up and stepping away from the already battered girl.

Tomomi’s body slumped to the side, the brunette bringing up a hand to hide her face as her body shook with the sobs. Her entire body throbbed with pain; Tomomi didn’t think there was a single part of her that wasn’t hurting at this point.

“You’re so pathetic,” Hana said with a soft sigh. “You’re not fighting back and you’re not even begging. At least Rina gives me the satisfaction of seeing her beg like the pathetic weakling she is. But you, all you do is cry, don’t you? How sad.”

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