Clearing things out

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After finding her note, Jonathan called his best friend Josh.

- Can you believe this? I have no idea what has happened.

- Maybe she just needed to go somewhere. Don't go crazy right now. I thought you're just friends. Are you?

- Of course we are, can't I still be worried and curious?

- Yeah. Look, send her a text, see if everything's OK and you'll see each other in college anyway.

- I'll do that right away.

Josh Dashwood is probably the smartest person Jonathan ever got the chance to meet. His grades speak for themselves showing that Josh has the perfect ability to concentrate and organize his time. They met not that long ago, but the two of them immediately saw that they see life almost through the same glasses. There wasn't a topic on which they couldn't find similar opinions. For both of them, this friendship meant a lot and, somehow, they knew this will last a life time. Or, at least, they hope so.

There isn't any competition in this friendship. Both of them are smart, funny, kind, popular... And, of course, they are both extremely good looking. Josh, or simply J. as Johnny likes to call him, and Johnny himself are not that much lookalike when you look at them but they both have the same features which make them irresistible. J. has short dark hair, brown eyes and fit tall body.

What is most important J. always knew when somrthing's wrong with Johnny even if he hasn't said anything. This was one of those moments but Josh decided to stay quiet. He figured Johnny has to come to him first. And he'll be there.

"Hey. Good morning. Um... Is everything OK? I haven't noticed when you left. And that note kinda confused me." Writing this message made Johnny's heart pumping more than usual. He was really anxious and couldn't wait for her answer.

After few hours of waiting, Johnny still hasn't received any message from her. It was like she disappeared. Nothing on Facebook, Twitter, mobile phone... So he tried again...

In meantime, his girlfriend Tania called. Skype was on all day. Even she noticed that something was wrong but she thought that his sad and worried face was about college. She didn't want to mention anything. Their long distance relationship was going great so far. They took every opportunity they could to see each other and it was very easy to communicate thanks to Skype, Facebook and other social networks.

- Hey, how's that new friend of yours? - Tania asked with bit of anger in her voice. She wasn't too happy about them getting along that great but she didn't want to sound like a jealous girlfriend either. She knew she couldn't stop him from having girl friends.

- Um... - Johnny didn't know what to say. Usually, he would tell her everything, he had no secrets, but this time he wasn't sure what happened. It was better not to say anything. Tania would be mad. Plus he couldn't think of one good way to say that Ellie slept over, in his bed. - She's fine. I haven't talked to her today.

Tania was relieved to hear this. Their chat went on for few hours actually. They both have a habit of leaving Skype conversation on and then they talk to each other when they have something to say. It makes them feel like they're standing one next to another.


On the other side of the city, Ellie was also video-chatting with Dee Dee. Unfortunately, Dee Dee lived far away form Ellie, actually she was near Johnny if you looked at the map of their town. Elizabeth was about to explain everything to Dee Dee when she got a text. It was from him. She already ignored few of messaged on Facebook. And she was going to ignore this one too.

- Will you tell me what happened or not?

- I will, I will. Wait a second. Delete message. Yes. Done. I'm all yours. So... I was sitting by the river... - Like real true friends. Ellie had no secrets in front of Dee Dee. She told her everything that happened last night.

- So? What's the problem? It sounds like you two had a perfect evening. As friends, of course. - Doris saw some feelings are getting involved but she didn't want to start anything.

- I haven't got to the finishing part yet. As I was walking out of the bathroom, I saw her.

- Her?

- Yes, her. His girlfriend Tania. Her picture is like a billboard on his wall. It was too much. She was looking at me with her judgy angry eyes. Like she was saying he belongs to her. I had nothing more to look for there.

- Seriously? Do you hear yourself? Don't you think you overreacted a bit?

- Of course not! And she is perfect. Dammit! She has this long brown hair, beautiful eyes, thin body... I hate her!

- Haha. She sounds a lot like you...

- I'm nothing like her. She's a goddess. But I don't care!

- You don't? Really?


- So, you're just this upset over nothing? Unless...

- Unless what?

- Unless you're saying that you feel something more for him?

There was a long silence before Elizabeth spoke.

- Help me. I don't know what's happening. I can't have this now. And he's taken. And happy the way he is. I can't ruin that. Not for him and not for me.

- Fine. I get it. But you can't act like this. If you think you can't be around him, tell him that. He deserves to know. 

- I know... I'll finally respond to his texts. And he's not gonna like it... Fu*k!!!

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