Chapter 8: John

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578th sol- 9:27

As I detached, so did the rest of the ships. The three squads set up in V-formation and I just flew behind them.

"All squads, check in." Said the Sargent. "Tango all ready."

"Echo leader checking in, we're all good."

"Gamma leader check in, we're good too."

"Panther squad all ready."

"Rouge fighter, checking in." I responded.

"Here's the plan everyone, Echo squad take care of the fighters. Panthers, you're on mop up duty. Tango squad, we'll do what ever we need to do when every it's needed. Gamma squad, take out the surface to air guns," Then he added, "and try to be gentle. Fighter 27, just don't die." Everyone chuckled a little after that. Then the chaos of battle started.

"Echo squad accelerating to attack speed."

"Panthers, breaking off."

"Gamma going in."

"Tangos​, with about the fighters for now."

"Gamma 4, watch your right!!!"

"Panther 2, missile 3."

"Tango 6, missile 5."

And so it went with squad mates calling warnings to each other and everyone calling their missiles. I called out my missiles but there wasn't any other reason for me to talk since I was on my own. Then the first ships went down.

"Panther 1, I'm hit!!! Going down!!!" Then I saw an explosion. I was shock but quickly remembered where I was as the yellow bolts went wizzing past my window. I responded quickly with green bolts from my own ships.

"Gamma 6!!!" Yelled Gamma 3 as 6 exploded in a fiery blue ball.

"Gamma leader, keep pushing the fight!!!" Yelled the Sargent.

"Ah!!!!!!" Yelled a pilot.

"Sargent!!! I've lost Gamma 6 and 3!!! We need help or to pull away!!!" Yelled Gamma leader.

Being tasked with the surface to air guns was extremely hard. When we colonized Pluto, we made an atmosphere of polymess which is a glass as strong as metal and clear. We added gun emplacements all over the surface making Pluto highly defendable.

"Tango squad, we're helping Gamma!!!" Said the Sargent.

I just kept shooting down ships. I shot three fighters in almost as many seconds and moved on. I had a gut feeling that something was going to go wrong.

"Panther 6, going down!!!"

"Panther 4, I'm go----" The rest was lost to static and I knew what had happened.

"I'm hit!!! Panther 3!!!" And then he was gone. With that, Panthers 2 and 5 were the only ones left.

"Panthers, take my wing and let's go!!!" I yelled through their confused chatter. They seemed relieved to have a leader.

"Space mines!!!" Yelled a pilot as the remaining Gamma pilots went down in a fiery green blaze to my starboard side.

"Ah!!" Yelled Panther 2.

"We're gonna die..." Mumbled Panther 5 in a trance like voice.

"No we're not!!! Follow me, we're heading for the surface!!!" I said I'm response to their pessimism.

"Six o'clock!!!" Yelled Panther 2.

"We're not gonna make it!!!" Yelled Panther 5 panicking. He tried pulling up and was immediately shot down....

"No!!!" Yelled Panther 5.

I think that she must have been feeling the list at that point because what she did next was suicidal and she knew it.

She cut her engines and spun taking out 5 of the pursuing ships. Then she took off through the mines. The bogies slowed a lie little before entering the field then took off after her. She took out all of the ships then headed for the polymess. She took out 4 gun emplacements before a dozen fighters took off after her. She flew taking many sharp turns and taking out 5 of the ships before she too, passed away in a green ball.

A scream was ripped out of me as I took off and destroyed the rest of the ships. I had also been listening to the other squads and it wasn't good..... The rest of Gamma had been destroyed and only the Sergent was left from the Tango squad. Echo squad had been doing ok but had lost 4, 5, and 6 while Panther 5 was going bezerk.

"Everyone form up, the transport will be a team and we'll try to land on the planet." Said the Sargent. We all started a single file dive-bomb behind the transport and headed for the door.

We lost Echo 3 on the dive and the other 2 Echo members crashed into the blast doors that closed after we broke through. We got through and made a run over the air base. We took out many of their fighters but before we could make another pass we were shot down. I ejected my seat and the Sergent did the same. I watched as my ship crashed into the end of the runway.

As my legs hit the ground, I felt a sharp pain in my back. I lost control of my muscles and then everything went black.

Sol, unknown: Time, unknown

I woke in a cell. I didn't know what was going on, I was being dragged somewhere.

I was thrown into a large room with computers everywhere. The communications room!!  I thought. I looked into the mask of an Exo who looked important, like he was their leader. No one knew what an Exo looked like because even though we killed millions in the last war, they wore suits that self-destructed when they were killed, kind of like a last attempt to kill their enemies.

I looked at the Exo in front of me. He grabbed me and threw me in front of a computer. "Transmit" was all it said. I didn't need to be told twice. I sent a coded message to Ceres and right as I hit send, I was hit in the back of the head and blacked out.


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