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As I sat on the high building in Queens, New York. The city lights sparkled everywhere and the sound of honking taxis rose above the constant chatter of the people. I watched as they walked in and out of busy buildings and some cursing at speeding taxis.

My phone started to ring and I slipped it out of my pocket. I slid it out and frowned when I saw Bruce's name. I flipped it open and heard his panting before anything else. "Spider! I am so screwed. so very,  very screwed!" he yelled.

I rolled my eyes under my mask. "What's wrong Bat?" he was taking full on deep breaths and he sounded straight out panicked. I leaned against a wall and waited for Bat for brains to talk.

"I found a new...guy." I smiled. That was great news! He was usually scared to show that part of himself and it was beginning to get on my last nerve. He was gay! so what? Batman was always like that however.  he felt like Batman should be straight and Bruce Wayne should be a damn manwhore.

"I don't seen the problem, Bat."

"He's a reporter and he is straight."

"You can change him! a reporter from where?"

"Smallville." Isn't that were Lois, Superman's girl lives? That's weird.

"what's his name?"

"Clark Kent. He just sounds fucking attractive, right?" I chuckled. I liked when he talked like this. It showed who he really was. Not Batman, Not Bruce Wayne, eccentric billionaire,  he was Bruce. Just plain Bruce.

"I still don't see the problem," I huffed, going back to looking over Queens.

it was silent and I was about to  start yelling at him, but then he said. "Nightwing is back. He came I'm right after we and Clark made out on the couch. We would have gone farther if it wasn't for Alfred coming in to tell me Night was back."

That is definitely a problem.  "Is he staking a claim? Again?"

He gave a sad laugh. "Duh, but Clark did too."

"But he is straight?"

"I can change him." I smiled. Suddenly a loud ringing started to go off and I looked down to find lights flashing in the jewelry store.

She's back.

"Bat, got to go save my city."

"Call me later. "

"ok." I threw slid my phone into ny pocket and let my spiderweb stick to the building. I jumped off and swim down until I was right in front of the store where I saw her leather clad body on top of one of the cases. She had her legs crossed and her mask was placed perfectly on her face. Her white hair was cascading down her shoulders and she was holding up a diamond necklace.

Black Cat is so beautiful, but I shouldn't think that way because she's the enemy. She was the damn enemy.

I walked in and she smiled her beautiful smile at me. "Black Cat, your out." I said with a bored voice.

"You miss me? It took so long to break out of that damn place, but I got out for you." She hopped of the counter and walks toward me with her beautiful hips swaying. She put her hands on ny chest and bat her eyelashes at me.

"Where's my kiss?"

"Back in jail." she smiled and pulled my mask up "Stop, what 're you doing?"

she smiled and got on her tip toes. "Chill, I just need the bottom part." she pulled me down and kissed me like my life depended on it. We went back ward until I was on the floor beneath her body. She moaned and I tried to control the urge to strip her.

"Was that so bad?"

I sighed and pushed her away from me. Yes.  It was really bad. I knew I shouldn't want her but she had come to me when I was at my lowest and pulled me off the ground. When Mary Jane left me, I was a wreck and never wanted to anything, but then she shows up and makes me feel alive again. I was as bad as Batman with Joker.

"I have to-" she pulled me up as blue and red lights flashed.

"Move it, Spidey. " She yanked me into the back of the building and started to duck and make her way through the building. We busted out often back door and I pulled her onto my side and shot a web out. She wrapped he legs around my hips and grabbed the back of my neck as we shot up.

"You helped me escape, " she cooed at me.

"I did not. I need you to give me the diamond." She threw it at me to my supise and then gave that sexy smirk that kit her catlike green eyes up.

"I just wanted to see you, " she urged and then I smiled and crooked my finger. She walked close and I kissed me softly. She suddenly punched me in my stomach and then jumped off the bukiding. I looked down and found her gone.

"God, I hate her." pulling my mask down, I jumped off of the building with a web to catch me. I had a diamond to return and sleep to get to that most likely would feature a very sexy woman with a tight leather suit and long white hair.

ill say ut again. "God, I hate her."

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